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by tulips
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it was long ago when i finally found out that I'am a knight with a red lipstick am i doing
when i was young i used to be optimistic in real things i always fought in every battle that I've faced but recently this battle is different it may affect my whole life, journey of having a good life.

ordinary girls tend to dream of so called DREAM GUY,IDEAL MAN or her TALL DARK AND HANDSOME MAN

but me believe it or not i never dream about that.

here's my story  I've suffered from identity crises

when i was young i tried to court a woman but i was being busted so i stop I've  been in relationship with guys but i cant just be Happy I feel incomplete and i'm not passionate in kissing a guy  i'm trying to know myself well OH no!  I'am a BISEXUAL because i admire girls but not straight the gay ones Yes, LESBIANS  sometimes boys .

it may sound yuck on the readers but it is true my  friend told me when you kiss a girl you will totally been realizing the worth of a woman to be respect and love and its true because woman knows what the woman needs but im not practicing here lesbianism but im just saying to be a gay or so called LESBIANS are not harm their human too we need to be respected to be love and equally be treated as a part a evolving community  sad to say we've been being abuse by people not just verbally but physically too and i read an article sad to say worst thing could happen is they kill GAYS,LESBIANS in some arab countries.  what do you think on us  evil that it was okay to us to be kill or killed because we are gay or lesbians LGBT to be general

it is sad because we cant just wear a toxido and a tie  when we want to it is hard to be a gay...

"blowing your own horn is easy

opening on doors without a key is hard"

it is easy to judge but it is hard to take what you have just said or deed

respect and love is all we need laughing thoughts hurt us not because where different but you don't respect us
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