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Continuing the perfect life series
Just read a post by a very special friend, and the thought ran through my mind about the perfect life. Sometimes, the perfect life sucks! You miss your bus on the first day of high school. You worked all your life to be a great football player, succeed, and end up in jail (or dead on the field). Just got that promotion that you know you deserved, and your mother takes sick in Spain and you must move back home.

Sometimes, our perfect life sucks. I agree, but even while we are going through this particular bad phase of our perfect life, it does not erase all of the good things that happened to us before or will happen to us after this phase goes away.

I don't believe, I would have become the person I am today had I not experienced living life in Georgia. Life in Georgia was HARD! Cotton fields, tobacco fields, and peanut patches were no joke, and I had to work in them from sun up until sun down. I crawled on rocks. Lifted hundreds of sticks of tobacco up into a barn all day long. Then went home to pump water, rake yards, chop wood, and help Mother can food so that we would have food in the winter. Oh yeah, I also got whippings or beatings, however, you phrase it. That perfect life sucked.

Through it all, I developed strong work ethics. I learned to work for a living, to laugh, to play, to accept discipline, and give an honest day's work, and to make ends meet. I learned how to take care of my responsibilities on Saturday, go to church on Sunday, and be prepared to "meet the man" on Monday. I grasped the concept that I could work for myself at night to prepare me for bigger and better things. Best of all, I learned that life was definitely not perfect like the fairy tales, but it was what I MADE of it, and even then, there were no guarantees.

Take a moment and be thankful for where you find yourself in your perfect life! Tomorrow (okay, the next second) is not promised to you, and even if you get lucky and have it, IT MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU WANT, but it will be what YOU have at the moment.

Take the risk. Go for the ride. It's your life, and if you don't like it, change it.  If you don’t fix it why should anyone else?
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