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Getting on in years and hoping for one more chance to see and do all the things I love.
Once More Before He Calls Me Home

The old man and the sea
Oh please, indulge me at my age and let me play tag with each wave as I walk along the beach, trying not to get my feet wet and…
    allow me to smell the salty sea air and feel its dampness upon my face.
May I listen to the roar of the surf as wave after wave crashes, relentless in its battle to chase the shore?
Can I please watch the seagulls fly and listen to their shrill complaints and...
    watch as the children laugh and play among the waves?
Just one more look of that beautiful horizon, blue against blue, I can hardly tell where the sea ends and the sky begins.
May I drive one last time to that great Pacific coast and set my towel on the sand in early morning and…
    enjoy the quiet and solitude that June gloom brings?
Once more before I go…

In the winter of his years
Oh please, let me stand on a deserted street corner late at night in a small
town in Michigan and…
    allow me to see the snow falling amidst the glow of a solitary street lamp.
May I experience the silence, like God's volume control turning down the racket that we know as day-to-day life?
Can I see the snow draped over the town like a fluffy, soft blanket and…
    hear the soft scrunch our boots make as we walk on the freshly fallen snow.
Just one more time I’d love to see the mountains of Colorado topped with snow contrasting with the green of the forests spread out below.
May I walk along a snow covered wooded path and see the criss-cross footprints of the forest creatures and…
  see our breath in the air as we walk hand in hand, laughing and talking?
Once more before I go….

The Patriarch of the forest
Oh please, let me sit amongst the daylight dark of a New England forest sitting
on the trunk of a fallen tree and thrust my hand into the moist, dark soil and…
    let it sift through my fingers like grains of fresh ground coffee.
May I hear the bubbling of the small brook as it cascades over the roots and rocks as it frolics down the hillside?
Can I see the brilliant rays of sunlight peeking through the treetops and…
    watch it paint a dappled picture of light and dark upon the forest floor?
Just one more time let me listen to the sound of the crickets and birds as they gossip with each other about their busy day.
May I lie upon the mossy carpet and breathe deep the smell of green as I look around at my world painted in dark hues of green and brown and…
    be a part of all God’s blessings?
Once more before I go….

The love of his life
Oh please, let me dance to the music of a country song with my wife Carolyn while I gaze down into the depths her steel blue eyes and…
    speak those three words to her one more time, “I love you.”
May I feel the caress of her hand across my coarse cheek and hear her whisper that she loves me also?
Can I drift off to sleep as I listen to her softly breathing close to me and…
    wake at daybreak to find her arm wrapped around me?
Just one more time let me tell her what I promised when I asked her to marry, that I would always love her just like Johnny loved June.
May I walk hand in hand with her along the ocean shore, gaze in awe with her at the high mountaintops capped with snow and…
    stroll a wooded path thanking the Lord above for our life together?
Just….Once more before He calls me home

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