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Brian shows up at Scott's for a night with the boys and gets more than he expects.
Brian knocked on Scott's door at five o'clock on Friday evening. He was going to enjoy cards and beer with Scott and his suite mate Peter.

"Come on in," Scott invited stepping aside to let Brian enter.

"Hey Brian," Peter greeted. He was seated at the small wooden table set in the center of Scott's suite, shuffling a deck of playing cards.

"Hi Peter," Brian greeted.

Brian sat in one of the three remaining chairs while Scott pulled three glass bottles of beer from the refrigerator. He set one in front of his guest, one in front of Peter, and twisted the cap off of his own as he sat.

"You ever play poker, Brian?" Peter asked.

"Once or twice," Brian admitted.

"How about strip poker?" Peter winked.

"Never played that," Brian admitted nervously, taking a long pull on the beer Scott set in front of him. "Isn't that something we'd want to play with girls?"

"The girls are at the beach this week," Scott reminded him, "and their probably having an orgy as we speak."

Peter laughed. Brian choked on the swig of beer he just took. He knew Scott was right. Brian could only imagine the crazy sexual escapades they were getting into. His dick stiffened to attention at the idea.

"So, if they're going to be adventurous," Scott leaned forward as if he were going to suggest something outrageous, "why shouldn't we?"

"I guess that makes sense," Brian admitted.

"This is how I got Scott out of his pants," Peter laughed as he dealt the cards. "Let's see if I'm lucky twice in one week."

A few hands of five card draw, and a few more rounds of beer later; Scott and Brian were down to their skin. Peter took a moment to admire Brian's prominent erection.

"Very nice," Peter breathed. He ran his tongue over his lips suggestively. "I'll bet that's pleased many women."

"A few," Brian admitted. He wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or Peter's compliment that made him feel totally at ease with being naked in front of them.

"Hmm, guess I won't need these anymore," Peter announced. He stood and removed his own shorts to reveal an erection that was longer than both Scott's and Brian's. "Shall we move this to a more comfortable location?"

Brian found himself lying between Scott and Peter on Scott's bed. He reflexively covered his manhood, and flinched when both men lay on their sides facing him, so that their erections rested against his thighs.

"So, Brian," Peter rested his hand on Brian's shoulder to get his attention. "Scott tells me you've never done this before?"

"That's right," Brian squeaked.

"Sssh," Peter soothed placing a finger to Brian's lips. "It's ok to be nervous, and it's ok to try new things. If it helps, close your eyes."

"You can just think of those lips as Jill's or Jessie's," Scott offered. "That's what I did at first, except I thought of Alyssa's."

Brian nodded and closed his eyes. He felt soft parted lips brush over his, and a wet tongue flick over them coaxing them apart. The soft wet tongue darted inside to find his, and he slid his own out to greet it. He felt two different hands pull his own hands away from his manhood. One moved steadily up and down his length while the other palmed his heavy balls. The mouth that was kissing him pulled away only to be replaced by another. Brian let his eyes open to see Scott kissing him while Peter was positioning himself down at his manhood. He closed them again just as Peter's tongue began licking his balls. Brian felt Scott pull his mouth away, and gasped as a mouth enveloped his stiff member.

"Holy shit," Brian gasped as the mouth moved on him. He ran his fingers through the soft head of hair that was moving between his legs.

"Are you alright?" A voice inquired softly in his ear.

Brian turned his head toward the voice, and stared into Peter's warm concerned blue eyes. He was originally going to say no, but the warmth and concern in Peter's eyes softened his response to a simple nod yes. Brian squirmed as he felt Scott become a bit more aggressive.

"Easy now," Peter warned Scott resting a hand on his head to slow his rhythm. He embraced Brian and held him close with the other arm. "Remember this is his first time."

Brian relaxed as Scott's mouth slowed to long drawn out movements. He felt his balls tighten, and his shaft become even more engorged. Just before his orgasm Brian buried his face in Peter's chest to muffle his cries of pleasure. When Brian recovered he found Peter and Scott watching for his reaction. They were both gently stroking his chest and abdomen.

"How do you feel?" Peter inquired.

"Ok," Brian answered.

"Would you do this with us again?" Scott inquired hopefully.

"I suppose," Brian answered nervously.

"What happens here stays here," Peter assured.

They sealed their agreement with open mouthed kisses; each entwining his tongue with the other two. The next morning Brian felt two wet tongues licking his morning wood. Mmm, that feels good.

Word Count: 869
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