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Optimism about positive changes in human relations

Indifference drifts like falling snow

Into the hearts of men.

It seeks a place where fear may grow

With ignorance and hate and woe

The pain that comes again

Why must we hurt, why must we hate

Why must we maim and kill?

Can we not change? Is it too late?

A new direction for our fate

With courage, hope and will.

Seek not the easy, untouched way

We know we must be strong

To find the good in every day

To look for love as best we may

But know the road is long.

A rugged path for those who seek

To make their lives anew

Turn from the pitfalls, from the bleak

And challenge all that’s false and weak

The end is strong and true

Challenge the evil and the lies

That sneer at what we love

And from that armour, hatred flies

It cannot be allowed to rise

Hope soars like Noah’s dove.

I have a dream of better days

A dream that hate will cease

Where we can find new active ways

To kindle love to one great blaze

And blend us all in peace.

Our children soon will take the lead

And guide them as we must

Towards a time that outlaws greed

Give them the tools to help them heed

The cries for love and trust

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