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by adrift
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would like to turn this into a much larger piece, please let me know what you think

I will first start by saying, these are solely my opinions and have no intentions on offending anybody.

This in my philosophy on life,

We are all just actors playing the roles given. I feel there is so much more to our existence then we acknowledge, so much more depth then most can imagine. What if I told you I don't believe we only have one life and I"m not speaking of reincarnation, I feel we live thousands of lives yet everyone different. As if we are rotated out constantly for thousands of years experiencing every way of life. From rich to poor, from different races in different country's, from heartache to love. I feel this life is part of a much larger process, when we pass we will not be gone long only to take place as another person with a whole new life to live.

Every life we live is a class or a learning experience, for just one life wouldn't give us nearly enough time to evolve into a well rounded being. We must first literally have been in someone else's shoes to truly not judge them and be completely understanding. If you are still here on earth you have not yet evolved. I feel once we have truly felt everything in this world we will finally be borne into our true life of peace and harmony. Where there is no prejudice and no war, where we all love one another. Where everyone one is important and nobody goes without and all is equal. This is our true goal, for those you see in the world who are greedy and ruthless they have just began there journey and have much to learn

As for now this is your journey, embrace it and love every minute of if. We are all working to the same accomplishment and once there we will reach a state of nirvana. To me this is our real evolution
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