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Another One-Off from Uprising. Set after the first.
"Grant get out of there now. They're coming down the hallway to your left. There's three of them and they have guns. We have to abort."

The sweat was dripping from my forehead as I tried to focus on splicing the terminal. Just a few more lines of code and we would be able to spread our message throughout the entire SyCon media network. This was the culmination of my years as a programmer.

"Sorry Maria, I have to do this. Its our only chance. I'll be fine."

"No, I'm putting the Commander on the li..."

I switched off the communicator. I could do without the distraction, and the blue blinking "on" indicator was a bit conspicuous amidst the dark corridor with nothing but red safety lights illuminating it. I don't blame her though for the concern, quite a few of her teammates have been killed by SyCon's security while hacking their systems, although I have one advantage, I designed this system.

With a ping the terminal buzzed to life with our insignia on it before restarting. It was done, and SyCon would be none the wiser until it was too late. I could hear the guards approaching fast, but I had one more present to give to SyCon, a Contained EMP. Once activated it would shut down the entire Tower for over an hour while everything took time to reboot, consider it my way of saying thanks for time served. I installed it to the circuit adjacent to the terminal. The code I installed was auto-replicating. By now it was already infecting subsidiary networks. Wouldn't want this EMP to hamper its work.

I dropped my glasses to my face, its time to split. I pulled up the map, it shouldn't be too hard to get out of here.

"Here, over here, I found him!"

I turned and shot the guard who saw me in both legs, admittedly not my best decision...well that's one down, but more were on their way.

Shit they're faster than I anticipated. Gotta pick up the pace. These boots weren't made for running.

Left, Right, Right, Air Duct in 500 feet I can make it. The guards are gaining on me. I can make it. Then as I reached for the the hatch to the air duct I felt a sharp pain in my side. A buzz stick. And just like that, I was captured.

I woke up in a mirrored room bolted to a chair with a desk in front of me. The main in my side had subsided, though my jacket had a nice singe on it from the buzz stick. Great. I liked that jacket. A faint hint of ozone was in the air. Overloaded circuits. Someone didn't do their maitenence. This place must be falling apart without me.

A door on the right side of the room opened and a guard entered with a file in his hand,

"Grant Orion. 24 years old. Born and living in Harkins City..." I cut him off,

"Um actually I'm living Freedom Station. You know, the Rebellion stronghold you've been trying to infiltrate for the past 6 months?", I couldn't help but include the sarcastic quip.

"...known accomplice to the rebellion. Former SyCon network specialist." He was not amused. His gun clanked against his handcuffs as he paced the room, attempting to look intimidating. He closed the file hard and slammed it on the desk. "You shot a guard in the legs, youre going to have to pay for that."

"Oh really? And how much will that be? I'm sure you could bill Freedom..." He proceeded to sucker punch me in the head, I may have been a bit annoying.

"Listen kid. Your little uprising will be put down. Its just a freckle on this company's record. However, if I have any say in the matter, you won't see the end of it. You will be put down like the societal reject you are." He walked back around to the front of the desk and turned to me, a sharp grin on his face, enhanced by his thin mustache.

"Societal reject? The only society that I care about is the one where free thinking humans live, not in your coddled little corporate cubicle." I almost spat in contempt, but I didn't need a truncheon to the back of my head.

There it was again, that tinge of ozone. This time it was stronger, it was coming from underneath the desk. Oh this is amusing. They overloaded the circuit with this chair. Didn't their mommies ever teach them not to plug too many wires into the same outlet.

He kept speaking, but I was far from listening. It was mostly about how I'd be interrogated and most likely killed. I was more concerned with getting out of here, because now I knew I could. Since this chair is connected to an overloaded circuit, my EMP will have no problems taking it out.

"Mr. Orion I can tell you aren't listening and it really is of no consequence to me."

I was looking at the ground as I answered, "No no, I'm listening, just planning my escape. Please continue, it truley is a riveting dialogue."

"Escape? And how do you plan on doing that? This tower is a fortress, you should know that. We captured you here with relative ease."

Ah, so we are in the same building. Perfect. It seems the dumbasses took my glasses but didn't bother to check for my contacts. Perhaps they didn't realize that eye color doesn't change according to mood naturally. Keeping my mood in one place has been one hell of a challenge so far. Just need to look up the schematics. Basement level 3. Four corridors from the nearest stairwell which lead to a parking garage. Perfect. Now I just need an opening to set off that EMP and get out of here.
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