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A lab report from Miskatonic on a curious sample.

Received on August 3, 1889 from Dr. Elias F. Gloriosky, the sample measures 30 cm X 30 cm X 2.5 mm in thickness, appearing to be a triple layered epidermal tissue. The predominant color is a pale gray, and the sample appears to have no evidence of recent oxygenation. There is no detectable presence of hemoglobin, red blood cells, or white blood cells. The sample is pliable and hydrated in a manner not yet understood. Exposure results follow:


Open flame, gas, 10 second exposure No appreciable effect
Open flame, gas, 15 second exposure No appreciable effect
Open flame, gas, 30 second exposure No appreciable effect
Open flame, gas, 60 second exposure Charring, followed by sample destruction at 3 minutes


No appreciable effect with exposure to hydrochloric or sulfuric acids.


Sodium hydroxide has the expected effect, but only after an exposure in excess of 3 minutes.


50 volts, 1.5 amperes Burns present at 5 seconds
500 volts, 1.5 amperes Burns present immediately
1000 volts, 3 amperes Immediate Sample Destruction

If this sample is indeed from the source indicated by Dr. Gloriosky, it is my opinion that this is indeed re-animated human tissue. The manner of re-animation is unclear, but appears to be mystic in nature, enhanced with chemical compounds to cause the viability of the flesh and muscular tissue. The susceptibility to damage by electricity would indicate that a good lightning gun would be the safest and most effective protection from this particular creature should the need arise.

Hyram Foote, Ph. D. Director of Laboratory Services, Miskatonic University, Arkham, Mass.
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