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The first report from Spartacus Kane, soldier of fortune.
10AUG1889 2115


My team assaulted the identified target site on Hy Brasil at 1700 hrs this date. The initial assault took 7 minutes, during which the enemy force retreated to the wreckage of a large airship in the bay. Once they regrouped on the derelict, our assault slowed momentarily while we switched to weapons more suitable to the task than the slug throwers with which we had begun the attack.

Using lightning guns, we assaulted the vessel in five-man fire teams to ensure no escape would be made from the vessel. Upon completion of the initial assault, the vessel was swept thoroughly for enemy survivors. We suffered 5 casualties in the engagement, 1 KIA, 4 Wounded. The wounded appeared to have been injured by physical contact wounds and would, in my opinion, have succumbed to those injuries within hours. Rather than worry about vector control and possible contamination by moving these wounded, I dispatched them myself and had their remains destroyed with lightning gun fire along with the enemy remains.

With the crew count of HMA Cloudwitch being an original 325, I must report that we destroyed a total of 461 of those things, along with 16 enemy personnel who appeared unaffected by whatever devilment had beset that crew. There was no sign of the leaders you described among the dead, but I am presently in pursuit of a small airsloop containing, at most, 7 individuals. I will advise you as soon as I have them.

In the meantime:

477 enemy @ $200 $95,400
5 casualties @ $1000 $ 5,000

Total $100,400

For simplicity, let's make it an even $100,000.

You have my bank information. Pay me.

Spartacus Kane
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