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hotdogs, baseball
Yes sir every body, this is Planet Z coming to you live via all those cute little satellites we see circling around us every night. Now, I hear our community center is having some historical items they will be showing this weekend from ten in the morning until six in the afternoon. This is on Saturday and Sunday only. I hear they even have a baseball. For those of you who don't  know what a baseball is; it is a very small hard ball wrapped in leather. Now, our ancestors took these balls and played with them for many decades. The very sport itself was called Baseball. They made wooden sticks, which were actually very thick, and gave it to a person so they could try and hit the ball when it was thrown to them. The one with they wooden stick would stand pretty far back because he didn't liked being hit with that hard leather ball. Once the ball was thrown, the person with the bat would try to hit it hard making it go a long way out in field before anyone could catch it. If the ball was hit hard, then the people would run around in a circle, coming back to rest where they started. Anyway, you can read and catch up on the rest at the show.

"Come on Rick, tell them about the Chevrolet," said Jane.

"Aw Jane, we should let them see it for the first time." said DJ Rick.

"Seeing it and know about it is not the same Rick. So come on, tell them about it."

"Okay, something simple. You see guys, the Chevrolet was like the best Apple Pie your grandmother could cook. It was the car of the 50's. Nothing has ever taken the place of it. It had a sleek body and some great fins. It was sleek as a cats meow. Young people would drive it with the windows open, and if they had it, the top down. Yes sir, it was the best car to be seen in. Especially if you stopped at a drive-in and had a milkshake and a hot dog."

"Rick, they don't know what a drive-in or milkshake is? Now,  you're gong to have to explain those." Robin said.

"Nope, they just need to go to the show. We only have one little dust storm kicking up so there is no reason not to go. You hear me folks, just hop on down to the community center and see some of the wonders that were on earth.

This is DJ Rick with Planet Brat saying good night and hope to see you there."

440 words

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