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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Erotica · #2006721
It was lust at first sight. They met,fell in lust and it just got complicated afterwards.
Chapter One – Meet and Greet

Mister gorgeous at the other side of the bar was watching her; she knew because she was watching him as well. His dark eyes burned like fire: hot and intense. The flaming blaze coming from the inferno within their depths of his stare burned her skin, deep down to her very soul. Natalie Garcia felt her insides heat with desire, her body scorching, her heart was actually beating fast.

She lowered her eyes to his hands – strong, manly hands that no doubt knew just how to please a woman. A tingling sensation rippled through her body and ended between her thighs with the mere thought of those hands on her body – touching, exploring.
She wanted him with a crazy passion (and not in the stalker-ish way). she wanted to explore every desire that he seems to possess over her… wanted to mound him with her body and ride him like a race horse – only stopping because of thirst and hunger. What the hell was happening to her? She craved him like no other man and needed him just as bad.

Natalie shook her head. No! It was the loneliness talking. She did not need him. She didn’t need any man. Especially his type; he was danger with a capital D. She literally had to force her eyes away from Mr. gorgeous to glance around the restaurant from across the lounge. It was crowded. Of course, considering that it was Friday night; people were out for a good time. The venture named Lovely Bella was conveniently located across the street from Time Square and attracted everyone. The building was two stories and divided into two sections. The first floor contained a large grand dance floor— a great addition for those who just wanted to let loose and have fun. The second floor was converted into a restaurant. It was decorated in Egyptian style and sound proofed from the noise downstairs so that the costumers who required peace had silence.

Natalie looked up and caught the eyes of the bartender and her employee, Emma, and smiled. She walked towards her and refilled her glass of rum and cola. “From the guy that’s been checking you out for fifteen minutes now.”

Natalie took a quick glanced at him again and blushed. The man lifted his drink to her and gave a devilish grin. And that’s when it happened; something inside her exploded and at that moment she yearned to march over to him and plant a big kiss on those sexy lips. She tore her eyes away from him and looked up at Emma. “Tell Mr. Good looking over there that if he wants to buy me a drink all he had to do was get his sweet butt over here and ask. Make sure you say exactly that.”

Emma laughed. “Maybe you should give this one a chance, sweets.”

She gave her a daggering glare and ground out. “If he has time for a woman with a thousand and one issues, then of course I will gladly give him a chance. But I’ve yet to meet a guy who wants a woman with baggage. And after Kevin I am considering becoming a nun.”

Emma raised her eyebrows and tinted her head. She gave her a shrug of her shoulders and laughed. “No offense sweetie but you as a nun, not a very good idea. The convent will burn down the day you enter it,” Natalie gave her another daggering look. “Yes, I said it. And I tried to warn you about Kevin. He wasn’t a real man, babe. He maybe my brother but he’s a piece a crap.”

True. The siblings were nothing alike. For one, Emma was trustworthy, intelligent, independent and loyal to those she loved. As for her brother, he took advantage of people, women especially. Emma did warn her not to get involve with her brother but she, like the idiot she seems to be, didn’t listen and look where it got her.Kevin wasn’t an honorable man either. If he was one, he wouldn’t lie in bed all day and mooched off his girlfriend. Nor does he try to belittle her after she comes home from a long day at work. She owned her own business, owned a car, and a house. And he dare tried to belittle her. The last straw came when he’d hit her late one night. He accused her of cheating and she just wasn’t having it anymore. So she told him she did and he was more of a man then he’d ever be. It was a lie. She should have cheated, hell she should have straight out done it in front of his face. But she wasn’t the type. Why couldn’t she be a conniving bitch? That night, Natalie took all of his clothes and tossed them out the window. A bit dramatic but it served it purpose. He found his way to the door and she changed the locks the very next morning. Goodbye Kevin, Hello freedom. “Yes well, consider me lesson learned. Plus, Mr. gorgeous over there is just looking for a bit of fun and I am not in the mood.”

Emma glimpsed back at the man that was interested in her friend then back at Natalie. “I see what you mean. He’s definitely out of your league.”

Emma was one of those people who she wished she was like: BOLD, outgoing and fearless. She dressed to her mood and tonight she was in a good mood, dressed in a buster and loose navy blue pants, her blonde/purple hair hand in curls down to her back. In truth, she was a sexy female. They met while stripping together. Emma was the only person she trusted other than Amber and Stacy. She met all of them through different circumstances in her life.They became her sisters and family.
She gave a lighthearted laugh and finished her drink. “Exactly.”

Natalie nearly jumped off the softly cushioned chair when something vibrated against her hip. Damn phone. She unclasped it from the holder and hit talk. “You’re late again, Amber.”

Amber laughed. “Just take a lucky guess as to where I am.”

Amber Wilson was her best friend and roommate. She was a tall redhead with green eyes and a small body. Too bad she hid her beauty behind baggy clothing and did nothing with her beautiful hair. Natalie bugged her constantly and promises to continue until Amber agreed to a makeover. “In Rafael Alfredo’s bed.”

Rafael Alfredo was Amber’s boss. And he was a notorious playboy, rich up to his ears with money and stunningly beautiful for a man. He was also in Amber’s fantasies on a daily basis.

“I wish but no. It is ten o’clock at night and I am on my way to some hotel to pick him up. Do I look like his personal chauffeur?”

Natalie rolled her eyes and said teasingly. “No, you’re just his personal servant and you let him walk all over you.”

The phone went silent. For a second or two she thought Amber hung up. “I really do, don’t I? But I’m gladly doing it for the amount of money he’s paying me. And not everyone can own their own business.” Amber teased.

“Touché and not everybody can have their dignities.” Natalie teased back.

Amber called her rather unladylike name. “Why don’t you go home and I’ll see you later.”

They said their goodbyes and hung up.

“I swear that woman is whipped and she’s not even dating the guy.” Emma said.

“Tell me about it.” She will never understand why her best friend liked Rafael and told her that every chance she got, but to each their own. She would never be obsessed about a guy; not with what she’d experience in her childhood, teenage-hood and adulthood and especially not after what she went through with Kevin. No-sire-bob, men were nothing but trouble. She glanced back across the bar and shook her head. DAMN!!
Dammit, he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to get to know her because if he didn’t he had a feeling he would regret it. He had to make his move. Troy tossed the last of his red wine down and rose from his seat and walked toward the lady who was talking to the bartender. “Is this seat taken?” The line was cliché but who cares, she was worth it.

She glanced at him through long lashes and he felt something stirred deep within his loins. She was absolutely gorgeous. Drop dead stunningly gorgeous and she was going to be his tonight. Troy surveyed her from top to bottom. Her dark chestnut brown hair was let down around her face oval face setting off her eyes. He was mesmerized by her eyes; not only by the color which he was found intriguing. Her greenish brown eyes; with her dark skin-tone they looked gorgeous. They were extraordinary eyes, but within their depths were hidden secrets. His feelings went beyond interest. His gaze lowed still. She wore a gold sleeveless blouse that wasn’t tight or loose. It fit her perfectly. It didn’t hurt that the color set off ideally against her dark-tone skin. Her breasts were perky and large. He was no expert but they looked damn real to him; unlike some of his ex-lovers. She had curves in the right places. The shorts she wore revealed shapely tanned legs. Legs that he imagined would fit incredible around his waist.

He was intrigued by her. This was his first time in the Restaurant slash night club. The new enterprise opened four months ago and has been the talk of New York City ever since. Up until now, he still heard people talking about it and in New York one would be so lucky to have their place still talked about two days later. The owner must be doing something right. Not that he would care. His clubbing days were over, has been ever since his departure from college life. His brother was the one who wanted to check the place out. He didn’t see the point considering him and his brothers were not in the night club business. Being CFO of Alfredo Computer Company was enough to keep him busy. The company was started eighty years ago by his grandfather Lucas Alfredo and was now one of the biggest computer companies in the world. He was supposed to meet his brother Omar here, but Omar had canceled at the last minute. That was when he’d seen her. And all that he said say was… Thank you, Omar.

“It’s yours if you really want it.” A harmonious voice answered him. Her voice, hair and eyes were simply extraordinary. And was that invitation in reference to her or the seat? Troy guessed the latter but he preferred the former. It didn’t matter since she was going to be his tonight. He knew it the minute he saw her. Not that he was vain or anything, but he could pretty much put his money on it that this woman was going to be his tonight and anytime he wanted her; for however long he wanted her.

He took the vacant seat and ordered another glass of red wine. While the bartender attended to his drink, Troy turned to face the dark haired beauty. “So what is a beautiful woman like you doing all by your lonesome?”

Natalie rolled her eyes to herself and glanced at Mr. Gorgeous through the corner of her eye. And she had such hopes for him. That was such a cheesy line, she was about to say but restrain from saying it aloud for his ears to hear. She decided instead to play along with this little cat and mouse game he was trying to play with her. “Maybe I preferred it that way. What is a man like you doing out of your lover’s bed?”

Troy’s eyes widen. The question was surprising. He hasn’t been in a rush to replace his last lover until tonight. Lisa Chantal, the model of the month was his last lover. She became yesterday’s news when she asked to move in with him. They were together for merely two months and she wanted to move in. He did not mentioned love to her, not once told her he wanted a committed relationship. All his lovers knew the score. No love, no commitment and no babies. His three rules and anyone who broke them was gone within seconds. He wasn’t always like this but when his ex decided to burn him and burnt him badly she did, he decided that all women were fairly bitches with no heart. This one was no different but he wanted to fuck her and only fuck her. No bullshit about it and she seems like she was up for it. “What makes you so sure I have a lover?”

Natalie turned her stool around to face him. She sighed. Some men were made to be gawk at, other were made for sex. And every once in a blue moon a man comes along and sweeps you off your feet like this fine specimen of male sited beside her. His black hair was cut military style. The cut opened up his face; showing off his straight nose and sexy lips. And man! She appreciated the look of his lips. Thin at the top and full at the bottom, they were perfect for his face. Far away, he looked dangerous and mysterious. Up close, he was hazardous to her mind and body. She looked into his eyes. Someone moaned and by the way he was looking at her, she guessed it must have been her. She couldn’t help it. Her blood began to boil and she felt over heated. From far away his eyes had looked dark almost black but up close, she was surprised to find the palest blue eyes she’d ever seen in her life. They reminded her of the sky on a beautiful day. When the sunshine brightened the heavens with its brilliantness, but within their depths laid haunted times. And she felt herself drowning. She surveyed him as he had done to her earlier. He wore a dark suit that seems tailor-made for his tall built frame. And damn was he built. The expensive fabric may cover his body but they couldn’t hide the fact that he had rock hard abs and shapely thighs. Pictures flashed before her eyes. Her legs wrapped around his waist, her fingers glistened over his hard body. His pleasurable expression as she put him into her mouth. She felt the intense sensation of her imagination rushed between her legs. “Are you married? Have a girlfriend?”

Troy took a sip of his red wine the bartender had placed in front of him seconds ago. She was straightforward. He liked that. No woman has every asked him those questions before. Mostly considering that their only concern was whether or not they were the next one to accompany him to bed. “I have neither. And never will.” He said firmly, his eyes collided with hers. “Never.” He stated with conviction.

She could have sworn she saw big bold letters flashed across his forehead. ‘Don’t even think about marriage and babies with me.’ And Natalie got it.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan to put any rings on anyone’s finger anytime soon.” She said that with conviction. After what she went though, she has convinced herself that she was just plain curse when it came to men and having a relationship with them. Although this guy is making her feel things that she’s never felt before with anyone other than Kevin. She wanted to kiss him and maybe go home with him tonight. This man was a complete stranger, Natalie. Her inner voice said. She knew but she was tired of playing it safe. Of having boyfriends who didn’t appreciated her. It was time for her to express her new found freedom. Tonight was the first time she’d wore something above knee-length. She pulled at her shorts.

Troy pulled at his collar. Did someone suddenly turned up the heat in this place? He stared longingly at her chest. Her bosoms mounted against the fabric of her blouse. He watched as her chest rose and fell with every breath she took. She wasn’t showing a lot of cleavage unlike most women would if they had her breasts. And strangely he appreciated that she didn’t use her body for attention. Although, most likely she received enough attention with her other attractive attributes. She had no jewelry on except for golden dangling earrings shaped as teardrops.

He leaned toward her and whispered in her ear. “I won’t mind if you became my lover through.”

Her eyes widened at his suggested. She sucked in a deep breath and tried to breathe but couldn’t. Her chest tightened. She bit down on her lips really hard. Both stared at one another, Troy rose a hand to her face and brushed a finger against her lips. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Wh…What did I do?”

Troy eyed her wounded lips and gently cupped her chin. “Bite your lips. It’s sexy as hell.”

Her hand went to touch her lips but he stopped her movements. “No, let me.” She didn’t understand his meaning until his lips closed against hers. A shock of electricity went off between them. Butterflies charged to her stomach. Blood rushed from her head and she felt faintish. Strong arms clasped tightly around her waist and pulled her from her chair against a solid wall. Not a wall. Walls didn’t move; they didn’t kiss with fire either. He took her deeper into the kiss. He took her tongue on a journey along with his, tangling together and suckled sweetly. He explored the walls of her mouth. He tasted like red wine and masculine. Hot damn! The man can surely kiss.

She tasted exquisitely. She tasted of rum and Cola with a hint of something deliciously sweet like a piece of candy. She was the sweetest taste of sin he’d ever tasted. Troy felt the fireworks exploded in his head. Heard the doors of his mind opened up. Her lips were full and soft, and so damn kissable. He couldn’t get enough. He had to have more. He pulled her into his lap. She mounded between his legs, up against him with perfection. He’s never wanted a woman as much as he wanted her. Never has he been so attracted to a woman in his life. A woman has never had the power to aroused him with just one look either. He felt her struggle against him and he let her go. He took around his surroundings and realized where he was and what he was doing. He placed her back on her seat.

His eyes met hers and his insides suddenly went frigid. She looked terrified. “I’m sorry.” What was he saying? He’s never apologized to a woman other than his mother in his life. And he didn’t practically have sex with a woman in front of a bar filled with people. He took a quick inspection around the place and sure enough, he found a couple of eyes on them. Oh hell. He wasn’t ashame of wanting her.

Natalie stared at the man with whom she’d just shared the most passionate kissed she’s ever had in all of her twenty-six years. She wanted to be mad that he would kiss her without permission but couldn’t for the life of her think with him this close. She mentally shook her head. “You kissed me?”

Troy looked at her confused by her question. “I’m sorry…I just couldn’t resist.”

He smiled at her and said, “I’m sorry if I offended you in any way.”

“You didn’t offend me, I quite liked it but it’s the polite thing to ask a person if they want to be kissed especially when that person is a stranger. So how about we try this? Hello my name is Natalie Garcia, what’s your name?”

Troy sighed and looked straight into her eyes. He saw the desire in her eyes, felt his own desire bowling over as images of them flashed before his eyes, but there were also defiance and pain behind those multicolored eyes. That was when he realized his mistake in thinking she was going to be an easy laid. “It’s my pleasure to meet you Natalie, my name is Troy Alfredo”

Did he just say Troy Alfredo as in Rafael Alfredo brother, as Alfredo computer and Software Company; One of the most influential and richest family in the United States. This was not going to happen. “So you’re Rafael’s brother?”

“That would be right…and how do you know my brother?” God he hoped she wasn’t one of his brother’s many conquests. If she was, it would be a waste because he didn’t fuck what his brother had.

“Do you know Amber Wilson?”

He wondered if the relief he felt showed on his face as he looked at her. He loved the movement of her lips, they were parted in wonder as she waited for his answer. He couldn’t help but want to pull her close and kiss her again. She was right, the kiss was knee bending, incredible and he fear tonight he wouldn’t have her underneath him. What were they talking about again?

“Troy did u hear me? Do you know…?”

“Yes, I know her. Why? Is she a relative of yours?” It was a long shot but he wanted to know more about her. He thought about his brother’s assistant and looked at Natalie. No way could the two women be sisters or cousins. Amber was tall with bright red hair and green eyes. Her slender body couldn’t compare to Natalie’s curvy body.

“She’s my best friend,” she sighed and laughed bewilderedly. “Do you see the way he treat her? As if she was his slave. Tonight, she was supposed to meet me but she cancel because that no good brother of yours called to come pick him up from a hotel. I understand she is his assistant but come on. After hours is not appropriate.”

He let her speak her piece because it was true. His brother had the tendency to treat his entire staff like that especially his assistant. He once said that if the money he paid them was good enough, he could treat them any damn way he pleased. Troy didn’t object to it because he has called his assistants afterhours for something or another. But unlike his brother, he didn’t sleep with the women he hired. Get too complicated and awkward. Needless to say, Rafael has spent more time in court for harassment than anybody Troy’s known. He came out the winner but he has yet to learn his lesson. This time Troy and Omar took it upon themselves to do the hiring. No more blondes, which were his brother’s favorite and no more women who dressed to do more than impress. When he’d interviewed Amber for the job, she came dressed in a practical grey suit that scream power and strength and her expression said don’t-look and don’t-touch ,which was all Omar and troy needed plus her resume was impressive. They hired her on the spot.

He looked at Natalie and smiled. “My brother means well, he’s just young and irresponsible. If he wasn’t such a good software and hardware designer, I would fire him but he’s the best.”

“Well, I’m glad not all the brothers are like that.”

“Sorry to interrupt Natalie but you are needed in the office.”

Natalie looked at Emma then her watch. 10:30 am…Shit! She’d completely forgotten about the phone conference she was doing with Fred Lou in Las Vegas to lease his building. She looked at Troy and smiled. “I have to go…It was nice meeting you, Troy and try to keep that brother of yours tamed.”

He quickly took out a business card from his breast pocket and a pen to write his cell phone number on the back. He wanted to see her again. “It was nice meeting you too, Natalie. I hope to hear from you.” He slipped his number in her hand and kissed her hands while looking into her eyes. “Ciao, Bella”

“Adios, Troy.” She quickly turned around, gathered up her purse and jacket then walked to the back of the restaurant to her office.

She sat down at her desk and looked at the card in her hand, studied his name and number.

Troy Alfredo
CFO of Alfredo Computer and Software Company
Work number: 231 - 345- 3211
She turned it around and studied his Cell Phone: 914 632 – 4193.

She doubted that she was going to use it anytime soon. Relationship especially with men who only wanted one thing and that one thing being her body was not going to happen in this life. Maybe in her afterlife if she had a different childhood where her mother wasn’t a drug addict, she wasn’t rape at the age of sixteen and her cold-hearted mother didn’t kick her out of the house when she got pregnant from said rape and was forced by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend (the damn rapist) to get an abortion or maybe if she didn’t have to became a stripper to support herself. She was one victim that fell through the state’s vision. She took care of herself, went to school like she was supposed to while stripping at night (the owner hadn’t care how old plus she got paid under the table so no one knew that her mother was no longer supporting her). She’d graduate high school then went to college for her business degree. She had been determined to get out of the ghetto, away from the pain, away from her past and move on and that’s why she did. So no way will she call him.
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