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by fred
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Heart Pour
You were just a thought
Never had the chance to feel
You were like a castle I was building somewhere in the sky
Only had to see you in my dreams
Never thought I'd be brave enough to entrust my heart to someone
Never thought out of my dreams someone like you shall come
Would leave you with a clue
I'm in love with you
So now what shall be cue?
Just keep shut and say you love me too
Pardon my intent and smile at my folly
Because with you is where I always want to be
All I want is story of you and me
If it goes down well we could add a baby
And forever shall we live happily
Traveling at the speed of light
I see your mind skipping out with all it's might
Don't be afraid we doing just fine
Ends shall definitely beat the means
You and I shall over do all things
Just hold unto me, we'll reach the highest heights
Just want you here as we soar the skies
Don't let go, I want you to be all I see with my eyes
Let's provide hope for our future
And cling to our future once more
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