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A date spoiled by a mouse
Sid looked , at his bed, at Nina's pink little napkin, then at the clock which still read 9 PM. A date that had started like a dream, with a great dance, a wonderful dinner and then a beautiful drive back to his place, had ended like a nightmare.

He heard the scurrying noise from behind him, but kept still staring at the trap.

"You are a great company to be with" She had said leaning into him on the lift, flirting her lips close to hers.
"You are yet to see the best" Sid had winked back.

Sid saw its whiskers peeping out from behind the table as it moved towards the trap.

The lift had opened to an empty passage. Sid had leaned forward to the flirting lips and smooched her out of the lift, their  lips parting only when they reached the door of his flat.

"Nice" Nina had winked as Sid fumbled through his pockets for the key.

The mouse scurried quickly out of its hiding and straight into the trap.

Leading her into the flat Sid had closed the door with his legs, as their lips got locked again and had moved only a few steps into the flat when She had pushed him with all her might and gave out the loudest scream Sid had ever heard.

"There is mouse in your flat" She had pointed to the black mouse which seemed as surprised as Sid. Nina had simply walked out of the flat slamming the door.

The door of the trap fell, trapping the mouse.

"Get out of my house you devil." Sid threw the trap along with the mouse into the bin kept outside the house.

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Prompt: "Get out of my house"
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