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by Intuey
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My 14 yo self comes back and interviews me at the age I am now.

Interviewer: TC: My 14 year old self
Interviewee: TW: My present self

TC: Hello Tracey, I see you made it into adulthood. How old are you now?

TW: Well Tracey, I'm 46. But let's just keep that between the two of us.

TC: *laughs* Looking back on your life, what's the one thing you would have done differently?

TW: Actually there are quite a few things. The main thing would be to take all the pain I went through, and bury it in school work. To do the very best I could and use it as my escape. Independence with a good education is the best escape there is.

TC: Are you sure you're me? *chuckles* I know I had to finish school. Do I go to college? Am I an archeologist?

TW: Yes Tracey, we do finish school, and you do go to college. But as you know we're hardheaded and had to do things the hard way. Unfortunately, we don't turn out to be an archeologist. Life dealt us a rough hand in our early teens, which caused us to drop out of school. We waited until we had kids to get our G.E.D, and went to college for nursing. We did this while taking care of our family. Not an easy thing to do. It's so much easier to finish all your schooling where you don't have to worry about everything else going on in your family life.

TC: How would you not finish High School? Dad would never allow us to drop out!

TW: Some things are better left to find out on your own. But your life will be turned upside down when you're a very young teen--no more questions about that, you already know too much.

TC: Okay, do we at least travel all over like we always dreamed of?

TW: You actually start traveling at a young age. You have a lot of spunk and determination. You'll pretty much go after what you want, when you put your mind to it. That's the one thing I've always been the most proud of.

TC: Alright! I'm so happy that we're traveling!

TW: Well, let's just say it started out that way. *laughs* But as with life, plans get changed without checking with us first.

TC: Oh man! Don't say that! At least tell me we do get out of Pensacola and see the mountains and places where the leaves actually change colors.

TW: Yes Tracey! That we absolutely do. Not only visit, but you'll actually live among the mountains, with the most gorgeous scenery you've ever seen. For a short while, anyway.

TC: Oh! I'm so excited! Tell me more!

TW: I wish I could Tracey, but you know I'm not allowed. I can't tell you anything that may change the future. You know that.

TC: Yea, I know. Can you tell me if we get married to our Prince Charming? And do we have any kids?

TW: We do get married, Tracey. As a matter of fact, we get married pretty young and we're still married to the same man.

TC: No way! You've got to be kidding me! Are we happy? Do we have kids? Where do we live?

TW: Whoa! Hold on! Some things you'll just have to wait and find out throughout the years. We do have kids, a boy and a girl--and by the way, you have grandkids. *bigsmile*

TC: *Smiles widely, with mouth hanging open*

TW: Close your mouth, Tracey.

TC: Oh man! I sound like a granny!

TW: Hey, watch it! *laughs* We already have three grandkids: two girls and a boy. And believe me, being a grandmother is fabulous! By the way, it's memaw, not granny.

TC: Memaw? Where did that come from?

TW: It's a long story. But believe me, it's better than being called granny!

TC: *Rollseyes* Sure, whatever you say. Does my personality change a lot, or do we stay close to the same?

TW: Oh Tracey, you're going to go through a lot of changes. Some good, others not so good. You're going to truly love your husband and kids, but people are people, and your feelings will be hurt. You're going to face many hard and trying times, but there will be a lot of happy times, too. Just remember you will make it through the hard times, and you will come through them stronger and better for it. Although, at times you'll feel like you can't survive the heartache. I promise there will be a lot of laughter to come. The most important thing is to remember not to let others downfalls lead to your own. Always keep hidden in your heart, Jesus Christ your Savoir. He is always with you. He loves you, even though at times you may feel like He has turned His back on you, He didn't. All you need to do, is turn around and He'll be there. God will get you though all the hard times in life--each time you'll come through it wiser and stronger. Standing firm in His light, love, mercy and grace. Go enjoy your life, Tracey. Try to remember to keep laughter and your hope and dreams alive.

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