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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Comedy · #2006947
Superman will save us ?
      The Five drone on as Tim tinkers.
      They want Obama to fix the Middle East. It's too violent.
      Tim's thick glasses make his eyes look cartoonish.
      "Syria is not a nation anymore.." a Hispanic lady remarks on the television;
      "It's a swirling toilet swirly .." Greg interjects on The Five.
      Tim smiles and looks at his poster of Chris Reeves  ..as Superman.
      Tim knows what to do. He's a true believer and he works at Fox.
      They don't know the truth. They have no faith.+
      God said to Abraham,  "They are an abomination before the Lord."
      Only the obedient ones should inherit the world.

      Tim is a terrorist.

      Reflections:  As I ponder this wicked world, I wonder what Superman
                          would do.  Could he save us?

      Superman is very strong.  But, even Superman can't be everywhere.
      He is an alien from Krypton with technology thousands of years beyond ours.
      But, weapons of mass destruction only make martyrs .. Jesus is not dead.
      How could the Krypton save us?  Maybe, we need a miracle.

      Maybe Superman could make a love bomb?
      A certain sent can trigger sexual attraction ... Hundreds of innocent people
      are eaten on the amazon .. Maybe the Middle East is natural selection?
      I have the Superman VHS collection. I like the scene where Superman gives
      a speech to the United Nations. ~

                  "Effective immediately I am removing all Nuclear Weapons."

      The leaders of the world gave Superman a standing ovation.. Really?
      Why would the superpowers give up there advantage?  They'd try to stop
      Superman.. Maybe with Kryptonite?

      A God Clause is needed. God should travel the world with Santa in his sleigh.
      Instead of passing out toys, God could end wars and heal the sick and
      feed the poor.  Ho-ho-ho!  Obama is screwed.... He can't end war or
      the riots on his own turf.

      I like the leg shots on Fox.. of the sexy gal announcers...
      Is that journalism?  Maybe, maybe not.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2006947