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The Deluxe Orientometer, Vital to the Traveler

Mfr. Grassley & Croak, Ltd
New Praetoria
PAT: 6498522585-B, granted 12 June 1840
This Manual of Instruction Printed 6 January 1880
12 Edition

Thank you for your purchase of the Grassley B-200 Deluxe Orientometer.  It has been designed and constructed to the exacting specifications of the Royal Time Brigades to give its owner unparalleled performance under the most arduous conditions.  The use of this orientometer is simplicity itself, and the device requires no regular maintenance other than the occasional dusting.  It is powered by an imbedded 5 ml Aether Cell in a shielded location inside the device that is designed to provide a service life essentially unlimited once activated.

Nomenclature of the Grassley B-200

On the top of the device is the Setting Knob, which resembles the winding stem of a pocket watch.

The center dial is called the Time Face.  It is divided into two hemispheres, black on the left and white on the right.  The black side of the dial has 200 white lines on the outer perimeter of the dial.  The white side of the dial has 200 black lines on the outer perimeter of the dial.  Measurement on these arcs is with the use of the longest, thin needle hand.  All marks to the left of the top indicate one year intervals travelled backwards in time from the device's set Base Time.  All marks to the right of the top indicate one year intervals travelled forward in time from the device's set Base Time. 

The next set of 31 numbers ringing the Time Face indicate the actual Date of the Month (Gregorian) to which one has travelled, as indicated by the slightly shorter medium hand.  This time is carefully calculated by the device in transit, and is guaranteed accurate for the life of the device.

The most central ring indicates the months of the year (Gregorian), as tracked by the shortest hand, also calculated by the device in transit, and also guaranteed accurate for the life of the device.


If the device's Base Time is set as January 1, 1900, and the traveler transited to April 5, 1915, the device's Time Face would read as follows:

The shortest hand would rest on APR, the medium hand would rest on 5, and the longest hand would rest on the line 15 spaces to the right of the longitudinal centerline of the Time Face.

Geo Ring 

Outside the Time Face, you will notice an encircling groove containing two arrows.  The Red Arrow, pointing inwards, towards the Time Face, indicates Latitude.  The Blue Arrow, pointing outwards, away from the Time Face, indicates Longitude.  The groove is numbered appropriately, and roughly mirrors the hemispherical location of the orientometer's current location. 

Thus, the center line from top to bottom that runs along the black/white dividing line of the Time Face indicates the Prime Meridian, agreed by all to be the line running through Greenwich, England.  The center line running horizontally across the Time Face indicates the equator.


Upon arrival at a new location, we will assume the arrows are positioned as follows:

Red = 25, to the right of the Prime Meridian line, 25 degrees East Longitude
Blue= 25, below the horizontal Equator line, 25 degrees South Latitude.

Aether Ring

The secondary groove, located between the Geo Ring and the outside case of the instrument is the Aether Ring.  The Yellow Arrow in this groove indicates proximity to the known Aethereal Locales identified on the Earth.  The Yellow Arrow, when resting on an indicator, means that the device is at the location in question.


Upon arriving via airship in cloud formations at an Aethereal Locale, the Yellow Arrow is pointing to SL.  Dropping down from the cloud bank will show that you have arrived at Shangri-La, identified by the many varied temples and pagodas to be seen. 

In Aethereal Locales, you will note that the hands on the Time Face and the arrows in the Geo Ring will be in a state of constant motion.  This is normal, since Aethereal locations are not clearly rooted in time and space, with the only two exceptions being Arkham, Massachusetts, USA, and Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory, USA.

Arkham Massachusetts is located in an anchored geographical location in Massachusetts, however it is out of time synchronization with the rest of the geographical earth. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory is anchored geographically and is time synchronized with the rest of the geographical earth.  However, there is an anomalous characteristic of the area that can be quite disconcerting.  Time is very pliable in and around Santa Fe, and it is very easy to transit in time there, sometimes quite by mistake.  There are several long-standing jokes about "Santa Fe Time" that are actually true stories directly related to this temporal anomaly.  It is suggested that the orientometer be referred to a minimum of four times daily, and immediately upon entering or exiting any structure while in Santa Fe.

When in transit in the Aether, if the Yellow Arrow is to the clockwise left of any Locale Indicator, the device is approaching that location.  If it is to the clockwise right of any Locale Indicator, the device is travelling away from that location.

Aethereal Locale by Name, and Geographical Zone (As Generally Accepted)

AM          Arkham, Massachusetts, USA Eastern Coast, North America

ED            El Dorado, Jan-Jun Southwestern North America Jul-Dec Northern South America

HB            Hy Brasil, Oct-Mar South Pacific Ocean  Apr-Sep North Atlantic Ocean

KH            Khartoum the Ancient City, North Africa, approx. 100 mi South of the modern city.

NP            New Praetoria, Southern Africa

SF            Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory, USA, Southwestern North America

SL            Shangri-La, Northern Asia, intermittently in South China Sea and Indian Ocean

XA            Xanadu, Southern Asia, intermittently Antarctica

Base Time Setting

When you unpack your orientometer for the first time, please note: YOU SHOULD BE IN YOUR OWN TIME CONSTANT WHEN YOU SET THE BASE TIME.

Steps for setting base time:

1.  Pull the Setting Knob out from the case, much as you would a watch, three clicks.

2.  Turn the Setting Knob Clockwise to set the current month, indicated by the shortest hand.  Once this is done, move the stem in towards the case one click.

3.  Turn the Setting Knob Counterclockwise to set the current date, indicated by the middle length hand.  Once this is done, move the stem in towards the case one click.

4.  Turn the Setting Knob Clockwise to set the needle hand to the Prime Line, which is the vertical line separating the black and white sides of the Time Face.  Once this is done, press the Setting Knob inwards to the case and stop.  At this point, the Setting Knob should be sealed with sealing wax and marked with an appropriate seal to prevent tampering with the device.  Additionally, a brass or silver plate has been provided on the back of the device.  It is recommended that the Base Time be marked on this plate, as well as your identity, should the device become lost.

All Warranty for this product is applicable only to its operational accuracy.  No Warranty or Guarantee expressed or implied concerning the use of this orientometer is to be inferred.  Aethereal travel and/or time transit is an inherently dangerous undertaking, and must never be taken lightly.  This device is intended only as a manner of tracking time and space, and is not intended to be used as a control device in the operation of any transit mechanism.


When transiting, remember that any transit undertaken will arrive at the same time of day as departure.
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