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How can I know ?
              Let me be obvious. Some folks like to mess with people.
              Just for cruel pleasure. I swear on a stack of Christ-Mass Carols
              I did not know how much mold was in my condo.
              Oh, I had to sue the condo management to get them to fix it.
              And they did a half jackass job. So.... I let the bank take it.

              On top of ticking off the condo management .. There are cops
              who do not like me writing about the Kittery police involvement
              in the local brothel : The Danish Health Spa. The FBI raided it
              in 2006 and discovered the Kittery Police Chief owned it.
              I thought that was obvious, because I kept seeing Kittery police
              in the spa.. getting massages. I was a VIP member.

              Any who, I'm in the mall waiting for the FRY video store to open
              when the wife and daughter of one these Kittery police folks is
              seated in front of me. This is Portsmouth. The daughter is wearing
              a yellow dress. I can't imagine that this was arranged ..  How could
              they know I was going to the video store?

              I have written on this website and 20 years ago on an Australian
              website, Private Games.com , that my sisters would dress me up
              in a yellow dress when I was 7 or nine. Girls are kinky.
              So, I just sat there perplexed. .. The mother shot daggers at me
              from her narrowed eyes.

              To make matters more bizarre. a busty girl with a Batman T-shirt
              skipped around my chair and then sat on a bench opposite me.
              Both the girl in the yellow dress and the Batman T-shirt gave me
              toothy smiles. "Am I being set up?" I pondered.
              Both girls were teenage and I felt like a dirty old man.

              I even took a glance at myself in the reflection of a jewelry window.
              Yup.  I looked like Mr. Toad from the Wind and the Willows.
              There could not be any charisma in me... I feel compelled to state
              that I did find these imps sexy, but I an aware of the danger from
              society and my sanity.

              Silly rabbits tricks are for kids.

              Perhaps it was a coincidence ...(?)

              P.O.Box 821
              Kittery, Maine

              I will dispense advice and Tarot readings
              That's about all I'm good at..



              I haven't had a stellar career. Maybe, it's the economy.
              My boss is a nice guy, but he doesn't know how to schedule.
              No one knows when they are expected to be at work.
              Now, I have to ask my boss if I should follow a five day work week.
              His boss is hardly interested in my schedule.
              He likes to walk around with his mouth open and make pronouncements
              like, "We need more fly paper!" or "What's your actuary?"

              My mind wanders as I imagine Trina giving a hummer to get a promotion.
              She's a assistant manager .
              Nick was her boss at the time.
              They spent a lot of time together. Maybe, it isn't the economy.
              I just trudge along.

        Oh, well.
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