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A poem detailing what an imaginary friends is to those who imagined them.
Imaginary Friends,
can be the best friends one's ever had.
They're a sign,
of how good our minds can be,
when we are in need of someone.

Playing tag,
with a dear, fake friend,
is very difficult.
How can you know when they've tagged you?
When they're make believe and you cannot feel them?

Having a tea party,
is especially difficult,
when you have lots of tea,
and no one to drink it.
One's imaginary friend doesn't drink.

One's imaginary friend can, however,
be there when no one else is.
They can listen and, in some cases, speak.
They're designed by you, for you,
so don't tell me my imaginary friend isn't real!

LC - 20
Prompt: 'I think I made you up inside my head."
Free Verse
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