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Guess the place
The king of the jungle waiting to pounce on me! A python coils itself around my contours! A big coakroach flies to the ceiling and aims to fly at me! The earth layers are somersaulting the buildings. I hear bloodcurdling screams and shouts. Am I in London's House of Horror?
I pinch myself but it doesn't hurt. Then when the monsters gain in on me
I get up on bed with a cry.
Another day I had see apparitions and phantoms in dreamland.
Why do we see the impossible and the weirdest there?
I was merely having one of those rare nightmares.
Our subconscious knows what we are scared of.
I also seen jinns in my nightmare. And since I'm a scaredy cat, every nightmare has different scary characters.
I don't know if I learnt this from some source but i do think that dreams are an exaggeration of what we think in daylight hours. Our fears seem to take a magnified personification in nightmares and play a horror movie drama scene right in our REM sleep, all in our brain stem.
They could warn of impending danger but aren't always reliable and accurate.
I don't have Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)'s miraculous talent at dream interpretation. In the hereafter I'd love to meet all the fascinating bygone historic personalities. One of them is Yusuf, Interpreter of Dreams. If time travel could transport me to his times I'd ask him for instance, what the Indian cobras and black mambas in my nightmares signified.
Ah, the lands of nightmares or paradise that your bedstead could take you to. I find myself invocating Allah for help right in the dream, against all those nightmare critters.
And it's always phew and a great sigh of relief to wake up to find it was all merely a dream.
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