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The chaos of grubs..
    Lucinda sighed. The summer seemed too short.
    It was too cold and wet. Her garden never had a chance to flower.
    She had grubs and skunks digging up her lawn. Chemicals were too
    dangerous for her beloved abyssinian Francis. Perhaps, a dose of mothballs ?
    Lucinda tamped out the diggings.

    "What a lovely garden." a wee voice chirped.

    Lucinda looked about Francis hissed and began to hunt for the source
    of the interruption with her mistress. The air filled with wee giggles.
    Lucinda rose to her feet and made a circle about her with mothballs.
    She was very adept at containment incantations.

    "Oh? This is more than gardening?" the wee voice buzzed.

    "Who are you? And what is your purpose here?" Lucinda asked.

    A small feary appeared a flight before her. She was no bigger than a thumb.
    Her eyes glowed brilliant green. "Your very rude. Do you make demands on the bees
    or butterflies? I was just passing by.. missy." The feary folded her arms in mid flight;

    "The name is Winkin."

    "The queen of the fairies .. Well, I am honored .
    Thank you for your generous presence ." Lucinda curtsied.

    "it is so rare to find any mortals, who remember me." Winkin cleared her throat.
    "Sometimes I wonder why mortals were created. All they do is make a mess.
    I don't understand your obsession with building things ; when all you need is
    a good garden and plenty of honey and wine."  The feary seemed pleased with
    her pronounciation.

    Lucinda giggled and noticed all here flowers were blooming.

    "Watch for the maiden's Moon. The creator is returning..
    She is not happy with how her garden has been abused.
    Do you have any wine?" Winkin winked.

    Lucinda made a gesture and a small glass of red wine appeared before Winkin.
    The feary sipped and purred.~


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