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in-complete novel trial I'd appreciate ur review & whether I shall continue write? Thanks
Airplane Mode

A man you was not very good at school, hated college, studied and worked in a field that he dislike; became a banker. A job that he hated it since his first day.

Before that day comes; his mother, father and him went to buy some suitable clothes for the job, the clothes that he later found out that it was fashionable only for his beloved father who by the way helped him getting the job that he hates and assisted him through out his dark days of college.

At his first day of work, he found out that he was the youngest person in the branch, which was located about 2 hours away from his parents home... oh yes, I forgot to mention to you that he lives with his parents.

Beside being the youngster in the work place, he also realized that he was not the only one who hated the atmosphere there; but it appeared to be the common theme there.

The shy inexperienced young man; day by day become more familiar with his boss and colleagues in his little department, but on the other hand his knees still shakes and he drawn in his sweat whenever he interfaced with customers. A matter that is was not a big surprise to others because in his first day at work he literarily deepen his hands into the work routine; another thing that he was not happy about.

But as the time goes by, of course, slowly as his boring; red tape; employees life, he gained some experience, became more tougher than he was and realized that he was not reflecting his true being, he was out of clothes that reflects his age and decided that he needs to share someone his hidden, shy and unexplored feelings. He decided to achieve one of his teenage dreams when he used to fascinate about getting marry at the age of eighteen.

Due to his shyness and miserable confidence specially among females and his zero, nil, not even one single relationship with a girl; that dream was so far away from even getting close to reality.

He tried hard to solve that issue, by putting himself into some embarrassing situations where he have to some up with something convincing in order not to look like a fool in front of strangers; he even started to ask, read and listen for tips of how to get closer to women and how to let them like and even want him.

I can not say that his debut was a success, but at least he tried and then tried and tried and got rejected a lot or else threatened by some women to make a complaint toward him at his work place. The good part about that story that he always built up some knowledge on what supposed to be done and what is not.

That day came when he finally met a customer, who at first he thought that she was a playful girl who try to have fun in her days and he can tell that she is may be in to him as well, which was the exact things that encouraged him to get closer to her so he decided to make his first move to her. And it was a success !! he managed in a way or another to get her phone number.
But since the first phone call with her; his feelings changed one hundred and eighty degrees; he finally felt his heart beat for the first time of his 24 years life time.

As the days goes on; the couple became more closer than the day before, even faster than the ticking of their hearts. Calling each other on a daily bases, talking for hours without a single awkward moment of silence, only ending the phone call when the sun came up and there are only a couple of hours spare to sleep.

They are now in the "I like you level" although he was pretty sure of his feelings towards her, he preferred to say the special word to her in the right place, at the right time and of course when they meet for the first time.

They met at last in a hotel lounge, everything that night looked perfect but not as perfect as she looked. She was setting in a couch near a small fountain enjoying listening to a man playing softly on a piano. He saw her setting there looking like a princess waiting for him and thought to himself "I must be Gods' most favorite human being to win this gorgeous lady that I do not deserve", he can see her but she cant, as he is walking closer to her without getting his eyes off her and finally stopped in front of her and opened his mouth with her very dear name to his heart "Dalia", he said.

He stated a fact that she was the most beautiful lady in the crowd and expressed his extreme happiness of finally meeting her and how much he is gifted to get to know her in person. As they spoke He finally get him self together and held her hands in his two hands, looked straight in to her eyes and said "I love you"... she was extremely shy, her white skinned face turned into red, her wide brown eyes kept looking down yet a cute little smile was drawn on her small mouth.

Retreated his hands to his side of the table as well as his back to the chair and before he gets to the blue point of his mode, he felt her silk, soft, little chubby warm hands on his cold hands.. and with a smile she whispered "I love you too".
You can imagine his feelings when he heard her reply; he had ben dreaming of this moment since he was an eighteen years old kid; to love and be loved in return.. he was just like Jon Bon Jovi said "I never knew I had a dream until that dream was you".

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