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Entry for Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 9/1/14
A noise in the direction of the front door startled him. Running to the door he flung it open and glared menacingly at the two women attempting to enter, โ€œDonโ€™t wake them up!โ€ he hissed.

He has been a total wreck since THEY came into his life. Between the bruises, his nerves, and sleep deprivation, it was a wonder he was still standing.

Today had been the worst. With the caterwauling, the fighting, and the general mayhem he was at his wits end. The deadline loomed dangerously close! Then finally, They slept and he got to work.

Ignoring the women he went back to work while they silently made their way out of the room casting him furtive glances as they went.

Painstakingly he and his ladder moved quietly around the room making sure everything hung perfectly. He was on the last juncture when an ear piercing scream rent the air. The string he had been holding slid out of his shaking hands, he leaned forward to catch it and promptly fell face first onto the floor.

Before he could get up he heard the unmistakable pounding, the floor trembled beneath him, They were coming! Quickly he covered himself as best he could. In the merest of moments he was set upon.

Feet and fists pummeled him, while nails bit into his skin as tiny kisses peppered his cheek. Laughing heartily he sat up, โ€œHappy Birthday kids!โ€ Twin smiles beamed up at him.

After shuffling them off to the kitchen with their Mother and Aunt he was able to finish decorating for the party. Just in time too, the guests started arriving moments after he put the ladder away.

Being a Dad was not easy, but, glancing at the twins, it was worth every sleep deprived moment.

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