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Chapter one detective Novak working on a missing person's case
W/C: 2,237

Pix of detective

Vignette 1

Detective Nick Novak and the Diane Waters Missing Person Case

"Move around more; don't look into the camera without a smile, stupid, how many times need I tell you? Keep your eye on your partner dummy. Move about smile look into the camera smiling, pull your panties down lower, and show your breasts more, and move your ass up and down. Remember, to smile.,” Julio Russo said.

"How can I smile with a bully like you yelling at me?" Diane said.

"I guess you don't want any more of Mom's pies, right?" Julio said.

Diane, in a special way, has an affinity for home cooked pies. The psychology field might see this as an a deeply, unconscious motivation to return to her loving family that eating pies raises her psycic to home life.

Russo is a mob figure from New York's Pusia family. Currently, he is into filming porn in Hollywood. He has been a soldier, a button man, for Murder Inc. Not a nice man.

Diane comes from a middle class working family in San Francisco, CA. She has won a beauty contest in her high school, and luxury living with fan adulation has prompted her to leave for LA in hopes of making it to the stardom that would provide her desires.

Diane's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Waters, walked into Detective Novak's office in San Francisco a modest place but a lovely neighborhood on Union and Laguna. Nick was in casual clothes, a cardigan sweater with carefully creased slacks and is smoking a pipe that clouded his view of his guests asks:
“May I help you?” He clearly saw the couple as they draw near.

They reminded him of his aunt and uncle and how they told him stories of his forgotten youth.
“Nick, you just couldn’t stand anyone doing anything wrong.” his Uncle said.

“That’s right,” his aunt remarked, “and you had to be stopped from doing harm to your cousin who stole a bottle of liquor from our cabinet..”

“True, another time, when you were ten, you may remember, you beat up a 13 year old for teasing a girl in your class,” the uncle said.

Nick’s youth foreshowed his current state as a PI striving to bring peace and justice to all possible. He listened to the two clients to be who came to him.

"Detective Novak, would you consider taking on our case? Our seventeen-year-old daughter, Diane, has been gone for three days," Mrs. Waters said.

"Why haven't you gone to the police?" asked Detective Novak. Detective Nick Novak stands 5'10" about 170lbs with black hair parted nearly in the center, and black eyes, a handsome but no overly so; his is a serious all business face. For five years, he served with the San Francisco Police, four as a Detective and then moved up to Lieutenant for a year before he left the department and opened his private eye business. For the last eight years, Nick has been acting as a PI; he has worked on missing persons, extortion, homicide, embezzlement and grand theft auto cases.

The detective takes the case at $100 per day and $100 retainer fee. He, again, questions the Waters as to why they hadn't contacted the police.

"Diane had problems with your juvenile department for being drunk and disorderly last year, and we don't want to add to her crime record," said Mr. Walters.

"That is stupid; the police may have found her by now. What took you so long to report a missing child to me?" Novak asked.

Nick Novak, now 31, excelled in Criminology, Sociology along with The Philosophy of law specializing in the Criminal Mind at the University of California Berkley. He has a wife, Jeanne and two girls one ten the other 8. He'a been married 12 years.

"Sometimes, Diane will sleep over at her friend's places for a few days, and though she always tells us, we just thought she may have forgotten to call. After contacting her friends and getting a clue that she may have gone to LA to be in films, we knew we must to contact you. Some stories of run-away girls trying to break into show business are the nastiest I've read, Mr. Waters said.

The detective wanted photos of Diane and a full description, her likes and dislikes, and some of her past, especially of moral character. The Waters and the detective went to Diane's room and searched for any clues that might help find her.

"Judging by these posters on the wall, your girl sure liked Sylvester Stallone's Rocky.

If there is any one ambition he has is that he is never to fail in pleasing his clients, so he kept his comments to himself, as he knows Sylvester had filmed porn films before becoming a writer, and acting star. Nick's dad, of 55, an assistant principal in a grammar school in Alameda, across the bay from San Francisco; he expects Nick never to cease excelling in his chosen profession. The detective turned up an address book with phone numbers. There are several names, but three live in Los Angeles; Nick telephoned them immediately. The first one is disconnected; he tried the second to find the same problem disconnected, but the third gave some promise. A young girl, Gale, reported that she knew Diane superficially. Gale reported that Diane was getting into an unhappy life of making filthy films for a bad group of men who used and abused her. Nick confirming where Gale lived, took an American Airlines plane to LA, rented a Toyota, and looked up Gale.{/Linespace:2}
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