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A short story for my no1 son who is a huge Lego fan. Robbers steal from a new museum.


Carl Picklock entered the robber's hideout and told his naughty friends, some exciting news.

" Guess what I've just heard on Sergeant Tyler Lee Greatrexes police radio? A great thing's happening on July 11th.

It will be our biggest heist ever!" The leader of the crooks smiled and rubbed his hands together in delight.

Sam Slammer and jack jail looked at each other in puzzlement. "What's going on Carl? Have they opened a new bank for us to steel the city's lovely money?" Said Sam, and the bad man jumped up and down with joy.

Carl laughed and said, "Na mate you're completely wrong!"

Next Jack removed a stick of dynamite from his special tool box, and began waving it in the air.  He then told his buddies what he was thinking.

Have they opened up that abandoned gold mine?  We can blow it up and nab black beards hidden treasure?"

The other robbers looked at each other in disbelief, Carl then shouted at his buddy.

"Your obsessed with that mine, you know it's really dangerous, even for us. No you're not right either. I'll let you in on it, that no good cop; sergeant Greatrex will be unavailing a new museum in Lego city. It will hold precious expensive antiquities and once we sell them, we'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams!"

Sam and jack ran around their underground hideout like children with sweets.  Sam then asked,

"How are we going to pull off such an enormous robbery, when the whole city will be gathered together?"

The leader knew exactly what to say, as he'd been planning this mega robbery for weeks. He waited for Sam and Jack to calm down before explaining, what remarkable plan the baddie had cooked up.

"What we need is a distraction! The police will pay attention to that, so we can get our loot without those nasty police landing us back in jail. I have been secretly in talks with that mastermind villain; the black Phantom from hero factory. He is an unprecedented evil fore, who can crush the police, and destroy the city with his razor sharp staff. Our metal friend is head and shoulders above everyone at 30 metres tall, but if captured he can instantly clone himself, with his magical arachnix drone that will make life miserable for our enemies. Once he is deployed upon the city, we can use our underground tunnel to enter the basement of the museum and snatch the Mona Liza portrait, the gold sword, a large crystal, a very old roman plate, plus two diamonds. I will be waiting in the sports car, and when you've loaded up we'll drive strait out of Lego city and never look back, forever."

The three wicked criminals whistled and danced with joy at this remarkable plan, and couldn't see how it would fail.  This time their luck would truly be in and no good cop would stop them from taking their swag.

Saturday Eleventh of July:

The whole city was out in force to watch their new museum, being officially opened by their own sergeant Tyler Greatrex, and to see all the remarkable old artefacts too. The police were all over the city; they made sure nobody would steal the special things on display. As the people of Lego city gathered around their new impressive museum, the mayor of the city, sergeant Greatrex and top dignitaries, along with the scientists who put the old treasure on display, stood in front of the building awaiting approval from the police that everything was secure.

Red tape was across the new building and Tyler was just about to cut it and say,

"Welcome to our new museum! Enjoy these exhibits and we hope you learn some interesting facts, about the history of these special artefacts. Now I proudly announce this grand City Lego Museum open."

Within a second a menacing force suddenly approached the exciting metropolis. It was the horrendous Black Phantom. The menacing metal creature began picking up the residents and throwing them aside like trash, and stamped on cars and buildings.

Tyler raced to call his police officers, telling Sid and Fred to escort the people into the forest for safety, and stay with them till this emergency was over. Next he told Jake to drive in his car and Austin to ride on his motorbike, so they could try and throw rope around the mechanical rogue's legs. The police man hoped this would trip him over and able to secure him up tight. Tyler also told Lee and Francis to fly the heavy lift helicopter and drop a huge net over the creatures head, including bags of sand, to try and knock him down and Tyler would try and tie this monster up. The sergeant would fly the city police helicopter, with its mega lights and would relay all the new information, to the captain left in the police station, and hope they would be successful in capturing this tall menace.

It stomped through the city bashing everything in its path, but left the museum for the robbers to empty, they'd promised to share part of the moony for selling the stolen artefacts.  The evil mastermind could see the city's police doing their best to stop his unprovoked attack. It smashed the razor sharp staff down at the police car and motorbike, and threw them into their own station. Next it tried to swat the large helicopter, but the officer's chucked things from the opened door, and down on its head. As it kept marching along the streets pulling up buildings and trees, lampposts, plus everything the bully could grab at. The police plunged a large net over Phantoms head and it stuck to him like glue. The black machine wobbled, and Tyler's helicopter flew down, pushing him hard onto the floor.

Once the dangerous creature lay on its face unable to move, the brave sergeant jumped from the moving helicopter and tied him up with strong rope. He grabbed the Phantoms coarser stone from its stomach, which would renderer him inoperable. This would stop the hero factory baddy from jumping up and causing any more damage and destruction.  As the beast went down, Tyler Lee Greatrex could hear him showing,

"Hay you've not beaten me police scum, I'll get you next time and that's a promise!"

While the large black villain wrecked the Lego city, Carl picklock jumped in his new red getaway car that would be waiting near the hideout, which was behind the city's cinema.  Sam Slammer and Jack Jail ran into the tunnel that Carl had made with his bare hands and headed towards the museum, along with all the tools, to pinch the rare objects with. The scoundrels could hear the metal baddie smashing up the city and knew the police would be busy defending their precious home. They would not see the naughty robbers creeping in and stealing their new precious items, and running out again before they could get their collars felt.

You ready Sam? I've got my tools to smash up those exhibits; you can place the loot in this strong leather bag, and then well make a run for it." The naughty jack said.

I was born ready Jack, this will be a snitch and those dumb cops won't know what's hit them each!  We just can't hang around too long, just go in and swipe what we can and get out." Sam said running at a hundred miles an hour, and getting out of breath.

The two scoundrels finally reached their destination, and slowly pushed a metal grid up to enter the cellar of the museum.  When they reached the centre of the building, all the priceless objects seemed to beam at the, saying, "take us thieves!"

It was time for action and not thinking, Sam took out his large hammer and just smashed the glass cases, while Jack grabbed the items and  shoved them in a large black bag. The shameless men were at the last artefact and only had a few seconds to run and escape with their bounty, when the criminals heard alarms ringing loudly all around them.

Dam it Carl, you never told us this place was fitted with sensors on the display cases, and set off the alarms, what we going to do Sam?" Jack said, as the man grabbed the last piece.

Don't worry Jack those foolish cops will be busy with the phantom, just like Carl promised, so we can get out of here safely, said Sam looking for a quick exit.

Just then Sergeant, Tyler Lee Greatrex drove into the museum on a Harley Davidson super motorbike, and seized the two scallywags, yelling,

You wretched crooks, come with me now, your nicked! And the police man thrust his hand cuffs upon them.  Tyler dragged the no good thief's down to the police station and shoved Jack and Sam in the cells. 

A few hours later. . .

Tyler visited the prison, to interrogate the unlikely lads. 

I knew it was you guys who sent that reached Black Phantom to wreck out city. You couldn't have done it alone, tell me right now, who is the brains behind your operation?"

Sam and Jack both snarled at the Sargent together, "Get lost police filth, as if we'd tell you anything. You might of caught us red handed, but we'll never disclose any info to the likes of you, that's for sure."

The police man turned his back on the foolish robbers, and bellowed at the criminals,

"I can tell you for nothing that  it won't take long to build our Lego city back up, but you two fools will be locked up for ever, I can guarantee that.

The finest police man was on route to the station to congratulate his great team of men and woman, in catching those evil robbers, when suddenly a call came onto his radio. It was his officer, Brandon and he'd spotted the leader of the rouges leaving the city, in a red sports car.

Carl was driving like a superfast formula one driver, when Tyler Greatrex zoomed on his police motorbike, after the no good fool. The sirens were wailing loudly, when the baddie and the Sargent crashed into each other. The police man got up from the street and dusted himself down, and then he phoned Brandon to help in arresting Carl Pickup.

Five minutes latter. . .

The two law enforcement officers shoved the bad man's arms behind his back and then shoved hand cuffs on tight. The good men escorted the captain crook to the prison, and the law through the book at him .

The Lego city was safe for another day!

Just for Tyler x x x

1  Some ware underground in Lego city . . .

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