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by adrift
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is your belief really your belief?

I would like to welcome you to my inner most thoughts and my adverse views. May your mind be open to understand the vision within my theories. I do not view the world on the same axis as majority of the population, my views take deep thought and drift across the realm of reality. I consider myself a true individual, I don't believe what is told to me but venture into my own mind for an answer. I feel we all must believe in a greater presence not a being, we all seek the leadership of something that has the answer to all of life's questions and a guide to the afterlife. I'm sure you have wondered where you go after your journey comes to an end and there are many religions with many different beliefs. Have you ever wondered why there are so many different religions and different beliefs ? So who is truly to say which one of these is correct? In my opinion I feel religions are just a shared idea among many people looking for the same thing in the end. Which sounds best to you kind of thing. I'm a full supporter of people's opinions and individual thoughts so I am not knocking any belief you have, my intention of this book is to make you view life in a new perspective.

Take a moment to calm yourself and clear your mind.

Lets assume there is no such thing as Heaven or Hell, but a place of nirvana which we will all reach eventually. There is no such thing as judgement only understanding. No such thing as hate only love. Lets imagine we don't get only one life to live but thousands. Imagine you will get to experience everything this world has to offer . Lets say your every dream can become a reality.

Sound like a fairy tale? More of a mindset , Your mind is the gateway to happiness and everyone is entitled to their own belief. Why not make yours a great one designed by you. You don't have to believe what someone else tells you, nobody knows you more then yourself. Allow me to introduce you to my philosophy on life.
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