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My worthless story's first, chapter? The name of the first chapter is ,the Wolf's legacy.
Small village, good people living in it. Working as they can, doing what they can. I'ts about getting dark, no one is on the streets. I'ts quet silent in there, unless a woman is giving birth to her son. She is lying in the bed, her husband is holding her hands and two nurses are running up and down when the doctor is getting the boy. The women screams from pain, but stops as soon as she holds her newborn son in her hands. Tears rolling down on her face, "My son! My little son!" says she while holding him in her hands.
Her husbands steps closer and says with deep happiness: "How should we call him my dear ?"
The women cleans her face from tears and looks at her husband "Its you choice this time darling". The man takes his son "What about ... Alphonse " asked he, the women just noods and clears her face again.

"Ding ding ding"
broke the alarm bell the just arrived silent. Soldiers rushing from thier houses and from the posts out "To the gates!" shout the soldier on the wall.
There is a man standing outside the walls, with bloody hands staring at the archers. "Who are you?!"shouts a soldier but revices no answer.
The man steps closer to the wall. "Stay where you are, stranger!" but the man doen't respond to the warnings, keeps walking.
The archers gettin thier guns ready. "Last warning stranger! Otherwise we will shoot!".
The stranger stopped two steps away from the wall, looked up and just vanished. "Where did he gone ?!" screamed the soldiers, running up and down looking for him.
A soldier screams and fall from the wall in two piece. His body looks like he was torn apart by a beast, like a bear. "Up there! He killed Andew, kill him !" screamed the soldiers and ran towards him.
The wall was narrow, two peaple couln't fight on it next to each other, one solder could face that man at a time. Whe the first soldier reached him, he swung his sword but the man simply stayed out if its way. A dying scream from the soldier, when he puts his arm into the chest of the soldier and takes its heart out. A faint smile appeared on the man's face.

The father of the newborn child looks up and rushes to his armor and takes a plank from the floor. Beneath that plank was a silver shining sword resting, he takes it as well in the instant when the screams reached to him. "Please stay with me, don't go now!" pleases the women her husband, but no success.
Its his duty to go as a soldier as well as the others. The man runs out but he doesn't like whnat he see. The most of the soldiers were slaughtered down and teared in more peaces. It is a real nightmare, blood everywhere and organs are on the road. "Sir, its a monster. Save your live sir!" say a soldier with a deep scar in his stomach, but the man doen't realy listen.
He knew this day will come. He rushes to the guardpost, but what he finds is only remains of the soldiers. After lookig around, he notices a big gray creature in a darker corner of the city. He knows it's a Gray Wolf, a clan of werewolves that was slaughtered several years ago. He was a part of the soldiers that were commanded to attack them and kill al of them. The Gray Wolf clan was known as the strongest among all werevolf clans, they were simply identified due to thier silver fur and yelow eyes. The humans feared them because hier abilities were far better and they were far stronger than the other werevolves, almost totaly sesisted to silver and nearly instant regenerating speed.

"You murder, its time to die!" says the werevolf with humanly voice.
"I knew this day will come, but I'm not the one that is gonna die today, you animal!" preparing his sword.
"Have you ever tasted a true silver blade ? cause now you will !" shouts he and points his sword to the Werewolf.
The werewolf looks getting angry, his yellow eyes are killing the man with a thousand ways in his imagination "Let's see who is the one who is going to see your boy today, you or me?".
Fear has planted into the eyes of the man, and his hands are filled with anger "You're not going to hurt my family as long as I live!" says and as he runs toward the werewolf.
"Thats not going to be long anymore" repeats the wolf and when the man reaches him, he simply takes the silver blade with his hand, blood flows down the sword but it stucks in the wolf's hand.
The man leaves the sword and grab two dagger from his belt and sltabs into the stomac of the wolf bot of them.
"Tricky bastard" says the wolf woth a bit laugh in his voice.
"You need a bit more to kill a true Gray Wolf!" roars him the wolf and rushes to him, aiming to the man's hearth.
The man jumps aside, barely manages to get away and picks his sword from the ground.
"I'm not done so easily as my men!" say and rushes to attack again.
When they are close enough, the wolf opens his mounth, and bites the shoulder of the man while the man hits the wolf with the silver swod but the wolf doen't seem to care after all. The man loses his left arm and fall to knees.
"I will enjoy this" says the wolf wiht pleasure.
As the man gets ready to leave this world, he closes his eyes and waits to the final blow."Nooo! Let me go! Nooo!" screams the wife of the man while the wolf dragged her in front of her husband.
"No! She have nothing to do with this, let her go! Please, take me but let her go!" screams the man but the wolf just continues dragging forward the women, then he lifts her up so her feet doen't reach the ground.
"Please, she didn't done anything" cries the man for the wolf, for the one whose the family was slaughtered by his hands.
The wolf takes a dagger from the ground and stabs it into the stomach of the woman and drops her in front of her husband. The man tries to hold back her bleeding with his only arm, and cries "You will be okay, please stay with me" says he.
He woman slowly loses consciousness and dies in the arm of her husband. The man full of tears shouts "You monster, she has nothing to do with it!" and falls down.
Due to the losing of his arm, he barely have consciousness, in his last breath he says "My son! Let him live! I'm begging you!" climbs in the dust forward.
"Your son will live, live a life of a hunted. A hunt that you has begun." and the wolf leaves the man die.

The wolf walks to the house and gently opens the door. The doctor and the nurses are still inside. They are frozen from fear in the instant when they saw the wolf. The big silver colored wolf looks at them with his raging eyes, and kills all three of them wiht a single blow of his claws. He stans next to the bed, where the child was and kuts his own arm with his claw, dropping his blood ino the mounth of the child. "Drink it, good boy" whispers he while a smile is getting on his face.
The halve of the town is on fire, "open the gate, whats happening?" Shouts a soldier from the outside.
"Im done here, lets go before some trouble arrives." says he in his head and heads out the house.
He changes back to his humanly form, and jumps out the wall, far from the main gate and vanishes into the darkness. "Head in, move move move" says the leader of the arriving soldier team when they opened the gate.
"Nobody this way!"
"Here either."
"Neither a survivor sir."
repeeats the solderis after each other to the learder. "It's a baby there sir!" shouts someone far away.
"Its different from last times, but the same monster thats sure." says the leader while heading to the only survivor.
There were several reports about entire villages are slaughtered by some big beasts. The armor of the soldiers torn apart like paper, just like there. But never was even a single survivor left, until now. When they arrives to the house, the leader stops. "Its John's house." says he while runs into the house and looks what hapened.
John and he were comrades while the big hunt. When the Gray Wolf clan was killed. He looks at the child "I will take him with me" says he to his soldiers.

While looked trough the town for other surviors, the leader was already carrying the child "You said if you would have a boy, he will be Alphonse when we last met. I hope he will like it too." says he to him self and looking at the innocent newborn baby.
When they arrived at the city where they came from, the man took the child home to his wife. "Roland, what happened to that town?" asked his wife but the Roland didn't aswered just looked down.
She knew its the same as the other villages. Monsters raided the cities, they never left any dead from thier side behind and left never any survivors. "It's John's son, a survivor. We should have to raise him." said Roland with low voice, wondering why did they left him and only him alive.
"What is his name ?" asket Rose from her husband and took the child in her hands.
She was happy about the child will stay cause she is unable to bear an own child. "I think he was named as Alphonse" answer Roland with a slow reaction.
"Alphonse, nice name" said Rose.
They both went inside thier house, not noticed the eyes those were lurking on the forest next the city. "I'll be back for you, my son" said and turned away the Gray Wolf.
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