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by Saraii
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Here is a piece about Inner Demons; however, this one is rather theatrical.
5,4,3,2,1....shadow puppets appear on screen.
Absolute silence reigns in this desolate theater.
What on earth do they mean?
Whose shadows am I watching?

At the end of this very thought the puppets stop and turn to me...
Silently observing...

A voice then whispers: you are the one being watched..
We hide between your thoughts, we are never forgotten.
Alas we are a heavy burden of past sufferings and fears alike.
Forget us you may not, the Act goes on,
See what your fears and wrong doings have created?

The voice dissipates, as the shadows on screen grow bigger..
More of them appear, they crowd against the screen,
Plunging their long dark arms towards it, their fists knocking harshly.
Their screams growing louder.
Are they going to break through? I fear..I must not let them out.
The screams and whimpers grow louder, as the screen begins to tear apart...as I shut my eyes in terror.

Slowly the eerie screams begin to dissipate..
And the voice returns: face them now or face them later, you could hide or disregard them,
don't forget that they keep growing and once unleashed, you must face them!

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