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Our dreams change and mutate, and what then happens.

The cloud covered mountains

The tinkling streams

The shimmering fountains

I see in my dreams

The dreams of my childhood

The dreams of my youth

The dreams that a child would

believe were the truth

But dreams fade and perish

And dreams change and die

The myths that I cherish

Revealed as a lie

The angels of morning

The demons of night

Their succubi spawning

To rend wrong from right.

So hold to the dreams still

As beacons of hope

That purpose and strong will

Can help me to cope

To cope with the struggle

Of everyday life

To balance and juggle

The contests, the strife

Fight hard in the contest

Accept what we must

But hold to the real quest

For meaning and trust

But dreams never leave me

Their purpose is clear

To soften what must be

And lessen the fear

Through all that is urgent

Give thanks for today

When hope blooms, resurgent

Dead past fades away

Our dreams change and alter

As time thunders past

Mem’ries may falter

But love and trust last

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