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A fairy tale of love gone right.
A Fairy Tale of Love
Jessica Marie

Once upon a time—wait, isn’t that how it always begins?
There was a lonely lass who seemed like she can’t win;
one lonely night as she sat watching TV in her bedroom
she began thinking about the lilies and daisies by her tomb.
The red headed lass picked up a purple filled vile
and gulped down the contents in a very short while—
feeling dizzy, she collapsed with a great loud thud.
Outside, a gentleman was riding his horse through mud;
“what was that?” he questioned his brown horse,
Mr. Ed wasn’t his horse, and horses can’t talk, of course!
He looked up at the huge house in front of him,
gothic, curvy, well kept, but foreboding and grim—
gulping, he breathes a sigh and opens the door in,
“Hello?!” he screams out, hoping he didn’t commit sin;
hearing a voice blare, muzzled from upstairs,
the steps—spiraling, but he sprints and tears
quickly up the stairs to the room situated on the right,
door wide open, he sees a body and expects a fight.
Bending over, he begins to talk to the girl,
“Wake up, wake up!” he begins to twirl
her around, hoping that she will wake up now,
but alas! Nothing and he kisses her eyebrow,
he was too late, he had let the young girl die,
“Who are you?” she awakes and begins to cry.
“I heard a loud thud and was worried about you.”
She kissed him—finally a love that could be true!

Line Count: 26
September 4, 2014
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