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...Do I really need to say to check the previous days now?
Welcome reader to day 6 of my Pokemon Y Nuzlocke challenge! I know, I should update this thing more regularly, but for now...enjoy the latest update!

As good about the battle with Grant as I'm feeling, some more training is in order...and a bit of backtracking to retrieve TM 94 Rock Smash in Ambrette Town. Interestingly, despite having Rock in its name the move is a Fighting type attack, though the user can smash small boulders littered around here and there with it outside of battle for the chance of finding rare goodies such as Revive and Old Amber (revives into Aerodactyl, a Rock/Flying type. Yes, that Aerodactylite I received the other day is its Mega Stone) in Glittering Cave. (the Helix, Dome, Skull, Armor, Cover, and Plume fossils are also available in the post game. The Root and Claw fossils are exclusive to X) Occasionally, a wild Pokemon may come flying out, most unhappy about being disturbed.

Anyway, back to Menhir Trail for some training, with the occasional poke into the Cyllage City gym. Now THIS is a gym puzzle befit of the Rock type! Since Brock, Roxanne, (may cover her in the future if I do an Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke challenge) and Roark are the leaders of the first gyms of their respective regions, (well, that can be challenged right away. Norman of Petalburg won't accept your challenge until after obtaining four badges, and the Viridian City gym is last) their gym puzzles were...nonexistent. A direct path to them that passes through a couple trainers, and a less direct path that bypasses them. Here, you have to climb up rock climbing walls starting and ending at blue tiles on the floor, fighting most if not all the trainers in the gym along the way. Pan and Chesna work their way through the trainers a little at a time, once the former has learned the oh so handy-dandy move Scald. Base power of 80, 30% chance to burn a target, heck yeah! (might be thinking otherwise in OR/AS when facing Wallace...)

A little more training, and... You know what? Screw it. I went into the battle with Viola a bit over-leveled, it's only fair that I compensate by taking on Grant a little under-leveled. So I go in, climb up the walls, and go challenge Grant.

First up is his Amaura vs. Pan. Luckily, Rock/Ice defensively is horrible, and all Pan has to do is spam Scald like there's no tomorrow. ...What the-? Amaura knows Thunder Wave?! Well that makes things a little harder with Pan paralyzed. However, as the battle progresses, I find this to be the only smart thing it does. Aurora Beam? Resisted, don't care about the possible Attack drop. Take Down is much scarier, doing far more damage, but Amaura's Refrigerate works against it by making it an Ice type move which Pan resists. (though it still gets STAB on it this way) And there's the recoil damage. A round of healing, and right back to spamming Scald. It's not long before Amaura falls after. The sad part? It had Rock Tomb, which has been buffed to base power 60 and 95% accuracy. If it used that, I'd probably end up minus one monkey I've kind of become attached to.

Next is Tyrunt, and I smartly switch Pan for Sly...who takes a Stomp from the Royal Heir Pokemon. Not a huge deal, just keep going with Draining Kiss to recover the damage and dish a ton back. A few hits from that, and the Royal Heir Pokemon is ready for a royal nap. The Cliff Badge is mine! Woo! I can now use Strength outside of battle to move large, heavy boulders into conveniently shaped and placed holes to get at certain goodies, and I'm also rewarded with TM 39 Rock Tomb!

I teach Strength to Charles and go about collecting some goodies lying around, including TM 40 Aerial Ace. I also use it to open the paths from Riviere Walk to Cyllage, thus Connecting Cave actually connects to somewhere useful. Then it's back to Menhir Trail for a couple more goodies and some trainer battles. Like a Psychic who claims my Pokemon's power is OVER 9000!!!! (and now I've driven that meme well and truly into the ground) Along the way, Team Flare grunts! First one claims to be seeking revenge for beating him silly back in Glittering Cave...though since they all look alike, (the female grunts have a more feminine physique obviously and a different hair style, but are still in those awful red suits. They do start their battles with a hand 'stylishly' on their hip) I'm not sure which one he is. Nor does it matter, for I beat him silly again. Losing with style...right... Keep fooling yourself with that. Once I've cleaned their clocks and beaten what trainers are here, I'm grateful to enter Geosenge Town and use the Pokemon Center. Wait, what's this? Another Team Flare grunt, but he disappears at a dead end which in no way looks like a hidden entrance to some secret underground base/HQ. That's just silly! Even Serena seems to confirm this. (by the way, where HAVE you been, girl? And not even a battle? Some rival you are...)

More goodies to be had here. Well, one of particular interest - the Everstone. (prevents the Pokemon holding it from evolving via level up or trade. For breeding, the parent holding it will pass down their nature to the offspring) I probably should do a little more training still, for I have a date with Korrina in Shalour City. And by date I mean battle. She is the Shalour City gym leader after all.

Sara: Lv 24
Pan: Lv 25
Charles: Lv 24
Chesna: Lv 24
Sly: Lv 24
Snoozer: Lv 24
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