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A rhyming story poem set in the old west.
Please Help Me

A romp in the desert, atop trusty steed,
With sores on my bottom, to fester and bleed.
Each waddle made eyes cringe, as onward I rode,
And sting from the sweat of my brow as it flowed.

In twenty more hours, to Calico's rest.
I'll dine and I'll bathe and I'll drink the bars best!
A long game of poker with Rusty and Sam.
A tip of my hat after playing my plan.

While dreaming of such, came a puzzling sight,
A tortoise was wearing a hat, which was white.
I chuckled and spit out the chew from my cheek,
As I gasped while dismounting, to take me a peek.

The laces were tied underneath the old guy,
Who helplessly lay on his back toward the sky.
The knot was cinched tight, so it took me a while,
Then finally loosed by my knife, with some style.

So I rolled the old wanderer back on his feet,
And laughed as he slowly made way through the heat.
The hat had a note tucked inside of the band.
It seemed strange as I opened it over the sand.

"Please help me, whoever is reading this writ,
I fell from my horse, broke my leg, here I sit.
Just follow the trail that the tortoise has made,
To give me a hand and I'll see you get paid."

So I followed the trail, still untouched by the breeze,
With a pain in my butt from the saddle disease.
Took me all of three hours, to finally arrive,
That cowboy was hurtin and barely alive.

"I drank all my water", he said, "It was hot"
So I gave him a drink of the whiskey I bought.
I checked out his leg, which was snapped pretty bad.
"This bone needs a settin", I said, "Don't be mad".

Before he could utter a peep or a groan,
I jerked the leg straight, as POP went the bone!
He cried out in pain, then swiftly passed out.
So I fashioned a splint from a bush that was stout.

It was too late to ride, so I slept on the ground.
I'd take the next step, when the sun came around.
The rest and the cool evening breeze was a gift.
"I think I can ride, if you give me a lift".

While riding through creosote valley, he spoke,
"I'm not just some fellow, I'll tell you no joke,
I'm richer than any man you'll ever meet,
When we get to town, well, you're in for a treat.

Turned out Mr. Banner owned Calico's bank,
So for all my trouble, he did more than thank.
He gave me a spread, with ten horses to breed,
My dreams all came true, cause I helped one in need.

So when somebody asks for a favor, think fast,
Of this spin 'bout my choice to step in when he asked.
Cause you might meet a banker, who'll make your life sweet,
Or just some poor cowboy, to help to his feet. 




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