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an interview with my younger self when I was just 14. for a contest

Interview with myself,

Lisa Noe*Cat2*

1. Hello Lisa Noe, What would you like to do with your life?  I’d like to be a writer, working for either a television station, radio station, or a newspaper.

2. What kind of work do you see yourself doing at one of these places? Telling the news and perhaps writing articles for human interest maybe even an editorial or two.

3. What would you do if some crisis arose and kept you from working in your chosen field either illness or accident or both? I hadn’t made any plans, I never really thought about it before. Well I see you smoke cigarettes and over the years they can damage your lungs unbelievably and could cause you to have to go on oxygen every day of your life. They could cause emphysema or COPD even in young people.  You never know what kind of health problems may plague you in the future. I’d think about what you would do with your life if your health were to fail.

4. What kind of school are you going to try to go to? I will do the best I can.  My parents don’t have the money to send me to college so I’ll be going to a trade school and take business classes. And health classes I’ll make it dual certificates.  I’ll have the nurse aid and the clerical certificates plus I’ll

take the secretarial test as well for the state. 

5. I know that you are seeing a boy who is a bit older than you do you plan to get married to him? And if so when will the wedding take place, before you start a career or after you have a career established?  Yes I see a boy named Johnny and he is five years my senior and yes we plan to get married as soon as I complete high school.  I can start my career anytime it doesn’t really matter. 

6. If you think about it a little while you might decide it does matter.  You can marry the man I wouldn’t dare tell you not to I know you love him.  But If you are established in your career first it would make it easier all the way around.  Don’t let married life interfere with your career.  You can both work and do much better financially and you would feel better about yourself.  Do you feel you have the knowledge to do what these jobs you want to entail?

    Yes I have been taking journalism in high school and I am learning a great deal and I try to do                                   

      good in English as well.  I am also very careful about my pronunciation of words in case I get a job on television or radio.  I prepare myself also by watching the evening news every night at six.

7. What can you learn by watching the nightly news?I learn about everything that happens and how to pronounce things I watch the sports too just in case you never know.

8. Is there no way for you to go to college? Even if I could miraculously come up with tuition I would have no way to get there, I live one hour and a few minutes away from the nearest college.  I could not drive that with no car and no gas. College just isn’t an option for me you see.

9. You do understand to become a journalist you do have to have college.  Perhaps you could luck into a job if you are a good writer. Or maybe in a small town like you live in there is not the requirement there is in the city.All I know is I am going to try out for every job in town that comes close to being a writing job.

10. Do you see yourself having any children? Yes, I'd have six if I could afford them but since I can't afford six I'll take two, a boy and a girl. I already have their names picked out it will be Joshua and Sahara.  Yes I know it's just like the desert.

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