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A free verse exploration of movement through life

There is someone I don’t know hiding in the mirror

Feelings escape, crashing through my mind

I am afraid of becoming lost in myself

But my emotions explode into emptiness

Reason tells me nothing other than this is unreason

Should unreason be preferred to darkness and damnation?

I would move through the mirror into the mystery

But I know that my reality, my meaning, my purpose

Are composed only through my own will

I am the price of my being, but is this a price I can pay?

I wait without knowing, seeking for a truth that cannot be known.

While time thunders relentlessly past, not willing to wait for me.

So here I stand, where silence begins

And the dim blue distance, like smoke on the water

Calls to me, telling me that when I reach the horizon

All mysteries are resolved, all dreams fulfilled

All fantasies made real, all wishes granted

But the price is an eternity of nothing with the pattern obliterated

Is THIS a price I can pay? Is this an option I can refuse?

Shadows gather and howl their derision at my fitful excuses.

So I cling to the coat-tails of hope and close my eyes

A small oblivion now; the great oblivion when it must.

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