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An Ongoing fantasy story.
Intoxia Warriors – 1 – Warehouse Massacre

The room was pitch black, a red-haired woman resting peacefully, yet grunted gingerly and silently. She continued to keep her eyes shut, expecting her clock to ring as her signal to wake up. Her bed was queen-size, and yet the height is three feet higher, her scarlet hair covering her face and blanket covering her body. The woman finally opened her green-lime eyes and slowly rose the upper half her body up. Stretching her arms out and yawning, vaguely; followed by her rubbing the bridge of her nose.

My name's Lola Mizuka. A current general of the Intoxian Army; fifteen successful years and being the ring leader can be very complicating sometimes, especially when you have to keep more than a hundred-million soldiers in check. I have raised four people throughout their years of being born, and I have earned all four of their respects, not to mention that I've put my work after them, since their lives were more vital than the soldiers, but I cater to everyone that I try to help.

Lola threw the blanket from over her and allowed it to be folded, perfectly, without a single corner being unconnected. She grabbed her crimson red robe from the hanger that dangled over her mattress. It took her a few moments to place it on and unfold the blanket back to its' original position before she got into bed.

Life's complicating sometimes, especially when you don't know what you're doing; I would meet up with the agents that are preparing themselves for a special ceremony that will be occurring tonight for their hard work at the Intoxicated Academy. But that's beside the point; I'll worry about myself after tonight. Since there's going to be a lot going on, Lola thought to herself, deeply thinking of her own achievements and tasks she's completed.

Her room was as large. Flat-screen T.V, four China cabinets in all the corners of the room; filled with medals, graduate medals, frames of Lola and each of her younger trainees and how she'd take her time to glance at each of them.

Trophies standing at the top of each cabinet as she walked past the west cabinets, behind it were stairways, but only six steps. As the Mizuka General stepped on the last stair, she opened the door that led straight towards an ordinary bathroom. The contents of the restroom were as original as most are - Shower, sink, toilet, ranks, mirrors that open and a modern intercom, that allows Lola's voice to speak through the machine, giving her the chance to set the water temperature for her shower.

"Adjust the water to warm water, please," Lola uttered, but calmly. She began taking off her clothes, and bottoms off. The water had quickly went to the exact temperature before it’s' user entered.

Lola sighed before she made access into the shower and closed the door behind her. Looking up at the ceiling with the water hitting her face, she began to have thoughts.

Why do I keep having these same memories coming back? It's embedded deep in the front of my mind. Like I can't seem to get over it, no matter what special occasion occurs, Lola took the rag and began to pour a bit of liquid soap and began soothing her body, starting at her arms. She advanced down to her chest, breasts and womb. She came to an abrupt stop, but quickly proceeded down to her legs.

I don't know why, but for some reason, every time I began washing on the womb, I suddenly stop myself and feel traumatized, Lola anticipated, caking her face with the rag that had the suds attached to the soap. It's been fifteen years, like I said, since the Bloodlust wanted to take the life of Diamond Aruba and they succeeded. But to spare Crystal all because they wanted the Diary Symbols. I don't understand that. There's no way that Diamond would have been able to give up her life that easily. She'd fight back no matter how vulnerable she was.

Lola kept her eyes closed and lowered her head and allowed the water to strike the back of her neck.

Suddenly, over the intercom outside the shower and that stood over the mirror, Lola's name was announced for her to report to the conference room in the early going. She took her time to turn off the water off with her bare hands after the suds flooded off the back of her scarlet hair.

And yet again, another damn meeting, Lola thought through frustration. I don't get why, even on special occasions. Why can't I at least have a break? It's like they're trying to take me for granted.

The door to shower adjusted itself to open casually. The left foot was the first to set foot on the floor, but the Mizuka General came to an abrupt stop. Her green eyes stood still, glancing directly at the wall with the back of her right hand vibrating, gingerly. Lola sighed, vaguely, before exiting the bathroom and getting herself read for not only the meeting, but as well as the ceremony that will occur later tonight at eight o'clock PM.

The floors were getting wet from her feet, which had trailed on every footstep down to the stairs. The Mizuka warrior trailed over towards the closet, held endless contents of dresses, evening gowns and general attires all at once.

It wouldn't hurt to try this on. I mean, this is a specialty that I use for whenever. I think that Crystal would like this. It's pretty obvious that Sonya, Alex and Hitachi would try to at least compliment me when I show them, Lola assumed as she clutched her hand around the outfit that's perfectly suitable for a female.

A couple of minutes before she dried herself with the towel, Lola grabbed her bottoms, and placed them on. She proceeded with fastening her bra, and placing on a red tank-top. She didn't waste any time putting on any lipstick because she doesn't like wearing them on many on special holidays, ceremonies, birthdays or meetings. She placed on her long, red coat; adjusting her pants to cover her leggings.

It took her ten extra minutes to be dressed when she finally finished brushing her teeth and wiping her mouth. Time was not flying fast for anyone, seeming how every had been preparing themselves to be ready tonight’s event, four new agents from the Academy will be pronounced as new agents of the Intoxian Army. Lola understood who those four might be, in since they all went to the Academy the same year.

I better get downstairs and see how the others are doing, no point in looking around my room.


Inside the enlarged, famous Warehouse 102, a construction building with an accumulation of twenty-three hundred workers and six employers of all six industry groups. Metals bashed by hammers, men working and communicating through different obstacles. Some of them are on lunch break and some had gone home after their shifts.

"Hey, Jake, you think the wife and kids would be interested in coming over for dinner tonight?" Robinson asked her friend and co-worker.

"No, not really. She's planning lasagna for the kids and me. So, I can't necessarily walk out on her like that. You know how much I love that," Jake replied, setting three of the metal plates over the wood that's held up by table. He mopped the sweat from his forehead and spat out the saliva from his mouth. "What about you? Don't you have a baby to take care of with your woman?"

"Oh, they won't be home until, like three in the morning. Hey, you hear about the ceremony that's about to happen tonight?" Robinson asked with a grim expression.

"Yeah, but we're prohibited from going. Remember after what the second boss did a while back that cost us all the opportunity to go, no matter what's going down?" Jake said, helping Robinson memorize the incident that occurred between Lola Mizuka and the Second Boss.

"Ah, he sucks. If only he had done what Lola said, we wouldn't be having this problem. But it's like most jobs these days have spitfire bosses who expects us to show sympathy towards them when they only appreciate the fact that they're making money off our hard work and paying us less," Robinson stated with frustration.

"Don't worry about that. Sooner or later, he'll be long gone before hand. He's retiring next week. Apparently, he's been in this business for more than four decades. Long before I was even a thought, but there were times back when I first started here he was pretty cool. He'd pay us more than what we've been getting as of recent," Jake uttered, leaning his back up against the rail of the metal walkway that led down to the bottom floors. "I mean, I remember working like past my optimized time, he actually paid at least over six-hundred dollars in less than a week. After all, I do owe a lot to the man. He's been around prior before my Dad abandoned my Mom and I a year after I was born."

"Oh, I forgot he has done a lot for you. It's always best to learn from the icons and what they know about life, so I can't really blame him  for being this way," Robinson supported. "You know we've been cool for a decade. I adore your wife as if she was my sister and your kids; you know the rest of what I'm about to say--"

"Yeah, yeah," Jake interjected sarcastically. "You're the uncle. Shut up already."

After they both chuckled strongly, a group of employees were heading over towards something unfortunate. Without any warning, all the lights had suddenly gone out, as well as the machines stopping in the process. All the employees simultaneously heard a blade penetrating through an employee's torso. The impact from the weapon had the blood soaring to the back of another victim's neck. The next attack was a swift slash towards the back of the neck, viciously severing it from the host's shoulders.

"What the hell was that?" Robinson asked desperately. He witness a shady entity delivering a blurry of attacks; one worker after another. He saw everyone else making a run for it, but single-handedly ran into Jake, whose corpse he tripped over and landed face-first on the floor his face landing in the small pool of his blood. "Jake!"

Robinson exclaimed his name, crying out for someone to come and aid his wounds and injuries. Luckily, he didn't get homicide along with those who were being caught in the attacks. He vaguely did what he could to muster all the strength to hoist Jake up from the ground. They both took a different route in order to avoid any devastating contact.

Jake tried to ajar his eyes as best when all he could see was blurry images. He didn't have time to contemplate with how to get his vision back.

Jake, He could hear his co-worker's voice booming through his unstable mind; heavily feel the impact from one of the hammers that collided with his skill, cold-bloodedly. The blood had been fleeing from the left side of his head. It's been dripping rapidly and he could feel as if he'd been drawing his last breath after the impact. Jake.

Robinson had been accompanied by very few other members of the Warehouse 102 floor three. They had been asked to gather the medic kit in order to revive Jake's consciousness.

Don't worry, man. You're going to be alright, Robinson's voice echoed through his mind, but didn't give him a chance to respond through his lips. What's his condition, Doctor?

"I can't explain it in simple or substantial words, the doctor uttered, trying his best to stop the bleeding.

"Well, you have to know something, Doctor Ross. You're the expert, remember?" Robinson said to Ross Mizuka, a leading scientist, and doctor. He's managed to try a bit harder and not overdo his job.

Ross came by to pay a visit to the employees and had always thought of the audacity to run back in the direction to where the carnage is taking place, "Keep an eye on him until I return. I forgot some of the stuff at the entrance."

"Wait, are you on crack? Dude," Robinson shouted but soon noticed Jake's arm grabbing him. He willing stayed where his comrade was at, and noticed something strange going on. "Jake, you alright man? You mustn't push yourself. Lie down, man."

"I would," Jake whispered, then sinisterly opened his eyes and uttered through a succubus' voice. "If you took better care of not setting your best friend up."

Both hands had flipped with both backs turned up and injecting straight into the abdomen. Through sheer strength, both hands hand began to isolate as they progressed deeper through the stomach. Blood had been leaking through mouth, trickling down to the lips.

"Sorry, my friend. But the 'Jake' you knew self-murdered himself right after you got him fired, killed his family, got him sent to jail for a homicide he never committed and cost him everything he's worked so hard for and  he couldn't get it back; no matter how hard he tried. To think that he would have got revenge, but no, you took that chance from him as well," The female voice said through Jake's voice. His lips had been licked and the scent of his manliness had faded away.

"Who are you?" Robinson asked through his teeth.

"I'm a member of the Bloodlust Revelation. I'm sure you and your people have heard of that ominous group from fifteen years ago, so I think I'll just send the message to your boss for you, you don't die on me so easily," the voice replied again, coming in closer, penetrating his torso and with her right horn; which grew out of her left school with blood dripping.

"You--" Before Robinson could utter anymore words; the horn from the succubus' head had seeped through the back of his throat.

Two breasts had flopped through the shirt with demon armor blanketing the nipples and breasts.

"In case you better not forget this once you die, I'm Lisa Amili, the ex-wife of Jake. I'm sure that you'd be happy to see him again. Besides, I'm sure you two will be best friends by then," Lisa's way of lecturing to people had been nothing but erotic terms, but not for this assignment she's been assign to by her ringleader, whom is at the Warehouse, on the top floor.


As the massacre continued, more than two-hundred men have been slaughtered, bodies lacerated from their limbs and heads lying around floor. This deadly activity had sent Goosebumps through three lower floor employers of the Warehouse and they had their doors buckled and had made the mistake to trap themselves within the offices.

"How do we get out of here?"

"You don't," A demonic voice had entered the room. The entity had approached the three men who were not unarmed, but were dead men glancing at the infamous Black Hinura, the leader of the hellion Bloodlust Revelation. "There are a few things that we want from you before you all die."

"Whatever it is you're seeking, sir, we don't know," Tasuya, the second floor employer, spoke in fear. She could feel her body quivering with the saliva piling in her mouth, heart racing dramatically; as if she were to vomit on the floor. "We promise on Diamond's Light, we don't--"

"Shut up," Black launched his long sword between the eyes of hoist it through her cranium, allowing the blood to splatter to the ceiling. "I never asked you where it was at. I only wanted you to hand it over to me."

"Hand what over?" The first floor Employer rationalized, feeling his arm getting brawny, due to intimidation. He willingly tried to sit down, but Black halted him.

"I want to know where you're keeping one of the Blood samples from Diamond. The one you tried your best to hide from me after I've spent sixteen years finding it-- or excuse me, fifteen."

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