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crazy weather, goose bumps and chalk board chills
I was watching the storms that showed thier face in our little town over the last few days which just happend to catch my attention rather easily this time. Maybe it was because all summer I had not heard our storm sirens warning us of bad weather until this past weekend.This I think is the wierdest storms that I have seen since I move up here back in the end of 2009 and I do have this to say it had the haair on my arms standing up and chills down my spine but yet the excitement level was up. You may be asking yourself if I like watching storms and yea for a while I thought being a storm chaser would be fun but I never took that route. I dont mind watching storms as long as no one gets hurt but unfortunately many people are not that fortunate and my heart and prayers go out to the ones not so fortunate to survive them.

When the first storm came through our town the thunder had made me jump just was not expecting it and then the lighting flashing in the sky and then the storm siren going off so I stepped outside to see how the sky looked and the cold chills started. the way the clouds were and how the trees in front of my apartment were swaying back and forth started to put a little fear in me. The sky was gray and then a little dark but not bad and then some of the storm clouds looked as though they were just waiting to gang up together to start some caos but as I looked around the house on all sides part was light with the sun shining then the gray clouds that were sitting still and then dark blue and then light on the other side of the house it just all seemed so strange and when I speak about light the sun was shining in those areas even though it was still rainng and rather windy. As my neighbor and I were watching the ways the clouds and wind were going a man rode by on his bike yelling that the town we live in is going to be judged tonight and when somone made a comment about that message I told him maybe he should take and read the bible.Which when I told him that he got cold chill along with the hair sticking up on his arms and necks and boy I wish I would have had my camera on me cause the look on his face was a total shock when I said that. I am a person that does read the bible and no I don't have all the answers but I have seen many things including the light at the end of the tunnel and I also saw an immage in the sky that looked like a baby that was wraped in his mothers arms and I believe there was a reason for this.

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