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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Occult · #2008161
Understanding the infinite...
    "Let me get this straight . Your my guardian angel?
    Oh, and you want me to worship GIA by having a nude
    festival in my backyard?" Pen Jillete laughed.

    Zoe sighed, "What proof do you need of my divinity?"

    "I'm a raging flatulent atheist.
    Umm.. Change night into day." Pen made his request.

    Instantly, the night was day. And Pen laughed until his belly shook.
    "That's an awesome trick." he smirked, "Your a great hypnotist."

    "Look there is no evidence I will accept.
    There is no need for a God or Gods when clearly the universe can
    operate without them." Pen produced a Tarot; The Magician and made it vanish.
    "Now where did The Magician go?" he queried.

    Zoe sighed and shrugged, "Down your pocket."
    "Nope. It's in your tunic." Pen pulled The Magician from Zoe's cleavage.
    Zoe shook her head with a toothy smile.

    "A world made from nothing is magic, but why then should we exist
    without magic?" Zoe made a gesture and the Tarot deck appeared out of
    nothing and spun about Pen's pumpkin head.

    " Who cast the first spell? Has the magic always existed?" Zoe smiled
    and a rabbit popped out of nothing.

    Pen clapped his hands , "You should do Vagas .. with me."

    "Eternity is real." Zoe's words echoed as she vanished into
    a ray of light.

    Pen clapped his hands.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2008161-Pen-Jillete-meets-Zoe