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The Weekly Quickie Contest, Round 124
Bonnie walked into the dress shop hoping to find the perfect dress for the date she had agreed to. She had worn cutoffs, a lacy t-back, t-shirt and strapless lacy bra, so she could try on the thin slinky dresses she was hoping to find in this upscale shop. She had even taken the time to fasten her hair on top of her head with a secured clip. Casually looking at the clothes as she walked by each rack, she did not notice there was a man standing behind the counter. She stopped in mid-stride, only realizing after a few long seconds she had been staring.

Taking a deep breath she again started to check out the garments, while keeping one eye on the very physical hunk behind the counter. Her wandering was carrying her closer and closer to the counter. As casually as she could she walked the last foot and pretended to look in the glass case. The young man walked forward, his nametag identified him as Jock, and asked, "May I help you miss?" Bonnie tried hard not to nervously giggle, because that name was perfect for the man who stood before her. He wore tailored black pants and a black leather vest over his bare chest.

Bonnie looked up and their eyes met. She fell into the blue-green depts. "Ummm… I was looking for a dress for a very important date tonight. I am looking for something slinky, thin and flowing."

The clerk ran his eyes from the top of her head to as far as he could easily see from behind the counter. "Yes miss, if you will follow me please I will be happy to show you just what you are looking for," Jock said as he stepped from behind the counter and motioned to the back of the shop.

Bonnie followed, with her eyes on the tight backside of moving in front of her. When they reached the back, she watched as Jock, picked out three dress all in blues and greens and continued toward the back where a sign clearly designated the location of the changing rooms. Opening a door, he motioned Bonnie inside, followed her in and closed the door.

As the lock snicker, Jock said in a low voice, "Part of our services here are to help our patrons figure out what best suits their needs." The man reached out and pulled her shirt over her head, causing Bonnie to freeze in one position. She wanted to move, or maybe she did not. When he hooked his thumbs in the belt loops of her shorts and pulled her cut offs down, she could feel her face turn red, but could not find it in herself to stop him. Jock again ran his eyes from her feet to the top of her head. "Hands up, please." Picking up one of the dresses that appeared to be gossamer thin, he dropped it over her head and smoothed it down over her chest and torso. Standing back he said, "Very nice. That color suits you Miss. How does it feel?"

Bonnie could not get her voice to work.

Jock chuckled and put his hands on her thighs just below the hem of the dress and started to run his hands upward slowly under the garment. When he reached her panties he huffed and tore them off then continued up to her lacey bra. Tilting his head to the side for a moment his smile broadened. He expertly released the front clasp on the bra, pulled it back and closed the clasp. In that instant Bonnie found her arms shackled behind her. "I think this dress is going to be perfect for your evening out Miss, don't you agree?"

Bonnie only nodded, because Jock's hands were traveling again. "I think I should continue to check the fit though." His hands traveled up her arms to her shoulders. There they pushed out from her shoulders, forcing the spaghetti straps of the dress to slide off onto her arms. Jocks eyes locked on her breasts and his mouth descended on the nipples with a desperately hard sucking motion. Her nipple peaked. Removing his mouth, he looked again nodded and replaced the straps on her arms. "You look very nice in that dress, Miss. I don't think you will have to try on any others." Jock reached around unfastened her bra and removed it. He picked up a small bag from the assortment hanging in the dressing room and said, "if you will follow me Miss, I will ring your purchase up."

Bonnie followed in a daze. Reaching the counter, Jock rang up her purchase handed her the bag and said, "Have a nice day Miss, and enjoy your date." As Bonnie made her way slowly out the door she looked back and saw another girl standing in front of the counter. Jock was looking up and down her body.

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