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Something everyone should know about.
Smart Meters and Your Health

First let me start with a disclaimer ... I am not a person who is obsessed with conspiracy theories at all, since there are many people making money from the fears of others out in the world these days.  The following information is written from personal experience, not conjecture.  The information is provable and frightening. 

I decided to write about a topic that is gaining a lot of momentum recently which concerns the new digital "smart meters" that are being replaced all over the US and other countries, by the companies that supply our power.

Hundreds of thousands of people have reported having health problems immediately after the meters are replaced.  Maladies such as insomnia, high blood pressure, tinnitus, and an overall feeling of irritability.  These new "smart meters" emit very strong electromagnetic frequencies and radio waves that are much stronger than microwaves and they can travel for up to 30 miles.

Other health problems arise over time when people are exposed to these frequencies such as cancer, memory problems, depression and heart attacks.  Some people have reported having bouts of heart arrhythmia (uneven heart beats), moments after the device was activated.

These meters are also producing emotional and behavioral changes in people and animals because they create stress automatically.  This is due to the emission of the frequency that causes us to enter the "flight or flight" (panic), mode.

Citizens who object to having them installed in their homes are having their power shut off.  If you don't have a weapon, they will force entry into your garage etc.. if the meter is indoors.  People have come home to find meter installers inside their homes without permission.

The power companies have two excuses for utilizing the new meters:  #1: To keep costs down because the meters no longer require a physical person to read them.  The meters have put thousands of people out of work.  #2: The meters are able to track your activity which they claim will improve the information about how you use electricity on your bill or daily if you choose.  This is being called a part of the "big brother" effect, since the meters can tell when you do your laundry, when you are on line, when you watch TV etc..

How this is accomplished is through the meters ability to decipher the various frequencies in volts and amps that appliances and other devices operate at in your home.

My wife and I had ours installed just over a year ago.  Both of us developed high blood pressure, insomnia and chronic anxiety after the installation.  We also had more marital spats than before the meter was installed.  I have been a pre-diabetic for many years, which turned into type two diabetes within the last year.  Luckily I was able to bring that under control and am fine now.

There are many YouTube videos out about the topic, but the most informative is this one:

The good thing is that you can shield yourself from these frequencies by placing aluminum screening completely around the meter on the outside of your home as well as a sheet of the aluminum on the wall inside your home directly opposite the meter. The screens should be 3 to 4 feet square.  There are other kits that have been developed that you can purchase, but the screens are the least expensive for a cost of only $10 to $12.  They must be aluminum to work.

I will not go into further ideas about why the meters are being installed without the public's consent, but you can find many speculations about why from other YouTube's etc...

As a private researcher, I know the harm that high power tension electrical lines cause to peoples health, since I have used devices to measure these frequencies outdoors, in the vicinity of H.P.T. towers.

I hope this information will be helpful to my comrades here at W.D.C. and perhaps free someone from unnecessary misery.

To your health and happiness, (Cheers) 

Footnote:  These meters are now a part of the information grid and are susceptible to cyber attack, which means the entire grid could be shut down by a virus, leaving our nation and other nations at risk.                 

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