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Flash fiction story for the 9/6 Daily flash fiction challenge.
“Keep your eyes closed!” Patrick urged, wrapping his sweaty fingers around her head.

“Don’t smear my makeup!” Danielle giggled as she was guided into the passenger seat.

She knew what has going to happen. His usual charm and charisma had drained from him, and an unusual, sticky air of nerves filled the car cabin.

Patrick ran around to the driver’s side door, sat down and reached to put the blindfold over her eyes. “This is just some insurance…” he said while struggling with getting the elastic band over her hair.

A few hours later Patrick pulled into the gravel lot, and Danielle shot to attention. There are only a few places I know with a gravel drive, she thought.

“Ok, we’re here. Don’t look yet! Let me get you out of the car.”

As he guided her down the gravel lot, Danielle realized they were now walking on soft grass, wet with an evening dew. The air was fresh, clean and the sound of cicadas buzzed all around her.

“Ok, we’re here.”

Danielle pulled off her blindfold, and as light returned to her eyes, she saw the hilltop, the same hilltop overlooking her favorite lake which was clear and glistening just as she remembered.

“We’re back where we started.” Danielle said.

“Can you believe it’s already been 50 years?” Patrick laughed, wrapping his sweaty, wrinkled fingers around her shoulders.

“Would you do it again?” He asked.

“I wouldn’t dream of starting over without you.”

They stared out at the unchanged landscape. As the sun set, Patrick took Danielle’s hand and guided her back to the car.
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