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Giving CC life changing event.
Pix of detective

Vignette 2 Expansion of Story in Vignette 1

The Case of a Missing Teen

A Nick Novak Case

Nick learned Diane may be found, at times, at the Torrent Bar and Grill on Wilshire, in Hollywood. The detective headed there and found a bartender named Gene and Moms a pie maker for the patrons' desserts. Nick lost no time before questioning the bartender and pie maker.

"Gene, see this photo? Do you know her? "
"That's Diane, the new porn film actress," Gene said.
"How do you know that?" Nick asked

"Well, sir, Little Gizzo, a mob figure, doesn't take portraits of young, pretty and sexy girls for a local classical art galleries, and he is always talking to her about how to pose for his super-hot films,” Gene said.

"Do you have any idea where these skin flicks are filmed?"

“Well, we do know they're not filmed around here, but maybe down on La Brea somewhere near the tar pits.”
Nick questioned Mom, the pie maker.
"Yep, that's a photo of Diane the hot one, Sonny. There's not a week goes by without me seeing her," the lady said.
"You might not think it so wonderful if you knew the company she keeps. A pornographic film maker, who is connected with the Mafia, pays for her pie."
"What's your name Granny?"
"Moms! I'm called Moms; please call me Moms and not Granny, OK?"
"Sure Moms."

Nick struck a deal with Moms and Gene, if they saw Diane with or without her criminal escort, to please call him on his cell. Nick took off to search around the La Brea tar pits.
"Don't fall in to the pits."
"I'll stay a good distance from them, I'm sure."

Nick took off to the pits only to find all business fronts ligament appearing as in a Frank Baum's, of the Wizard of Oz, story. Suspecting the just too straight business as being facades, he parked and roved a round behind some of the business.

"Mr. what the hell is you doing here?" a criminal type yelled at him.
"Looking for my dog. Have you seen him, an overly friendly black Cocker Spaniel?"

"No dog been here, now you had better split; you're trespassing, and I'll call the cops if you do not make tracks."

Nick’s tracks weren’t swift enough for the pornography entrappers, a tall, slender, sleazy looking; person with a pocked marked face fired a weapon toward Nick.
“Put your hands up cop.”
“I’m not a cop.”
“Keep your hands away from your coat; keep them up high where I can see them what were you talking with my partner about?”
“I told him that I’m looking for my dog.”

The ruffians grabbed Nick’s arms, twisted them, and made him walk to their studio around the back of a store front, enter it, and sit down.

“So, you lost your dog hot shot; why you carrying this gun?”
“Yeah, do you need a gun to find a dog? A partner said.
“Empty out all you pockets on to this table, hot shot.”
Nick did as he was told, only to have to put all the things back in his pockets, all except his badge.

“A PI named Nick Novak. Maybe we might be able to help you find your dog. What did it look like?

“Look boys, I know you’re not going to find him; my dog died. I was having a dream that he might be here.”

One of the partners smacked Nick in the face. “You’re looking for trouble, not a dog. You’ll wish you were looking for a dog when you see the trouble you’ve found. Now tell us what you were doing on our property.”

“OK, I was considering offering a monthly rental sum for the back room of this building; I need another office.”

“You can’t afford to rent anything around here, but you may like to buy more and more trouble.”
A partner tired Nick to a chair and began questioning him with a stick in his hand.
“Who sent you here, monkey?”
“No one. You make porno films here, right? I was hoping on getting in on the action. I can co-star with a porn star as well as the next guy.”

“I’ve heard enough, untie this bum, and get him out of here.”
“May I have my gun back?”

“Besides being a dead head, you’re a stupid dead head. Get out, and don’t say anything about this place, or you will have a hard time saying anything else, because Sam, in the back, will happily cut your throat. Move!”

Nick left abruptly as possible without losing his cool.

On the way back to the Torrent, his cell went off.

Hello, hello Gene. OK, I'll be right there. Give her another piece of pie to hold them, if you can."
Nick sped off to the Torrent Bar and Grill.
"OH, no!" Police, pulled Nick over for exceeding the speed limit by 15 miles per hour. After much explaining and displaying various ID, the officer suggested he escort Nick to the Torrent using code 3.Though few minutes past before getting to the bar, the mafia and Diane weren't there.
"Let's try again guys. If they show up, give me a ring. This time I'm staying nearby."

Before leaving, however, a drunk kept pestering Nick about knowing more than he about being a detective. The drunk kept saying that Nick knows nothing of people, but that he does.

"If you knew what I know, you'd be back home at rest," the drunk said.

"Please, Mr. take off. Get lost.” Nick said.

The drunk sped out with an air of, you'll see, man. You’ll see.

"You never should have given him the brush, I know he was a drunk, but he also is a writer for SPY Magazine, a tabloid that makes it their business to know what seedy things the general public would never know,” Gene said.
"You mean that stew bum was a good informant?”

“Yep! He can give you so much information, you could write a book on organized crime and pornography.”

“Lord, don’t let my dad know I really botched up some help on a case,” prayed Nick.

“OK, Gene, Moms if Julio and Diane come in again for some pie for Diane, call my cell phone again. I won’t be far away.”
The Torrent bar tender and pie maker agreed to help Nick. Nick parked up the street, took up a stake out, and began observing the bar while awaiting a cell call from Gene.

On the fourth day, Gene called Novak’s cell and reported that the duo were in the bar. He told Nick that Moms liked Gizzo, so she tipped him off the last time he was in and that's how he got out of here so fast. With the speed of a Cougar, the detective appeared in the bar, took a seat at the bar and kept his eye on Julio Gizzo and Diane who were at a booth.

"Moms is off."
Gene left for the kitchen and returned with Diane’s favorite pie. Julio had a Scotch and Soda. Nick was ready to call for police back up to make the arrest, but Ace, the Spy Magazine writer, raced into the bar, up to Gizzo yelling: "I know what you do. You're a dirty snake, a disease, a dead head rat. Ace pulled the trigger on his gun creating a flesh wound in Gizzo’s right shoulder, and bludgeoned Nick with the butt of his gun. Ace disappeared while Nick slowly got his senses back.
“Take off your coat, shirt and under shirt. I’m going to stop your bleeding and take you to the emergency room; no need for the police,” Nick said.
Nick took four bar towels of brilliant white and pressed one against his wound the others, he wrapped around the first to keep it in place.
Nick drove off to the hospital with Diane and Julio.
“Give me all your identification Julio and you take mine. The staff, here, will think you are me, a detective, so make up a story about your arm. I’ll have the nurse call me when you need to be picked up”
Julio Gizzo while recuperating in his hospital bed, heard a harrowing shriek, “Fire, fire”
A fire had broken out on the children’s ward.
“Can’t get the last boy,” a fireman yelled.
“Can’t get through the flames, Captain.”

Gizzo, on learning a child had been left behind to burn to death, went wild. He grabbed two blankets, wet them, wrapped them around himself, and flew to the boy’s bed that hadn't been engulfed in flames yet. He wrapped the boy in one wet blanket while keeping the other on himself. Gizzo rushed himself and the boy to safety with heroic diligence. The firemen put an oxygen mask on the boy, treated him with ointment, and left him in the arms of his loving parents who had raced to the hospital on hearing news of the fire. The boy suffered smoke Inhalation, but no actual burning took place.
“Julio, I’m. sure you are considering me a loony for letting you stay free all this time. I may be loony, but the police should beat you to death, but they won’t. What I’m going to do is to mace your face and hold a stun gun to your heart then…”
“Hold it detective, I’m not as evil as I was, because I’ve chosen this porno gig, since there isn’t the hatred involved as is in other crime work. This is the closest work I could dig up that is nearly legal; I want to go legal, and have been trying to go legal. I bought a dairy farm In Pennsylvania and a grocery store in San Diego. When I can purchase another store, I will drop any and all crime activity including porn. I’ll never return to the Mob.”
“I heard that. PI. Your criminal is a child savior. Dick this man heroically carried a child by all odds destined to burn alive to safety. Why be down on him?” a fireman said.
Nick Novak humbly acknowledged the public servant’s statement, verified it and whisked Gizzo to his car where Diane was waiting.

"Before any other thing happens, here, Diane, take this $8,000 check, but, dear, never ever come to LA looking for work in the film industry. You cannot act."
Nick hailed a taxi, got Julio in it, said good bye, and wished him good luck on his pursuit to be legal. The taxi took off, and Nick with his solved case, were off on American Air saying good bye to the film industry in LA that tempts young girls to go for a luxury life, a night life charged with happy energy, power to wield where possible, and to have a large following of admiring fans.
“Diane,” Nick said. “You know of a belief that there is some good in the vilest of characters? Please believe me; sometimes, there is more than some good, but a heroic good.”
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