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Walk with me until the journey's end. (Form: English Sonnet)

The path meanders through the changing wood.
The way is worn; the passage has been long.
I would not forsake this long walk if I could
for in my heart I know that I belong.

The forest path was new when first I trod
alone but with adventure in my soul.
Along the way you joined me. I thank God
for with you by my side I became whole.

The leaves have turned and autumn has arrived.
I know that winter can't be far behind.
Yet, with each step I somehow feel revived.
Each day's a blessing when hearts are entwined.

Walk with me until the journey's end.
You are my strength, my lover, and my friend.

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An entry for Day 7, "Writing.Com 16th Birthday Poetry Contest
Prompt: Image. Use the picture as inspiration for a poem. The poem can be any form, but it must be a conceit.
Form: English Sonnet ~ or Shakespearean sonnet has three quatrains and a couplet for a total of 14 lines. The rhyme is abab cdcd efef gg. This form is written in iambic pentameter.
Line Count: 14

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