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God's strategy...or not

    Dick Burns
    Strategy for world peace.
        To change world politics we must change our world view.
    Firstly, people are tribal and tend to distrust other tribes....

        Proposition~ All the people of the world must join under one tribe.
        Solution~ Reduce the global population to a manageable number.

    Operational supposition  a) War must be limited to conventional weapons.

                                            b) Most people are stupid.

                                            c) Trick the stupid people into thinking they're winning.

                                            d) Fight conventional wars until the global population
                                                is reduced to one tribe.

    Reflections: Use the media to sell war and use the money to buy off more tribes.
                        Use sex as a reward for joining your tribe, like Tabar at Jerricho.

    Find a charismatic leader...a Magnus Magician,

    666 is the number of his degree.

    Let nature take its course.

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