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The language of the Nephilium race
Ethnicity Asignment #2

In my world that I have been creating I have not thought too much of making up my own language until I came across this course. There is a unique language that has been forming within my story. It is through feeling the emotions of others to communicate.

The Nephilium race are people who have lived their life on earth and have passed over into the spirit world. Over a period of time a number of spirits discovered a way to materialize a body and return to earth. While these beings were in the spirit world there was no need for speech to communicate because there was a way to communicate through the emotions of the spirits and the senses. All they did was look to see what colours surround the spirit to see if they are happy, sad, angry, or any emotion that the spirit is feeling. The senses use something that I call is a knowing which means the spirits were able to know what other spirits are thinking as well as their emotions. This race takes this type of communication with them to their physical world, Epic.

As I have mentioned earlier I had not thought much about language until this course. I have decided that I want to develop a spoken language that the Nephilium can use amongst themselves for the physical world that they will be living in. When the Nephilium first arrive on Epic the only other species besides animals are humans. They would have studied the languages needed to communicate with these humans. This emotional communication I have already described will be used among themselves like it is their own personal language since the humans at first do not have knowledge that they can communicate in this way. This is very useful for the Nephilium to negotiate with the humans because they will always have the upper hand, eventually this will be the downfall of the humans.

This language is a little bit different from the spoken word. I feel this will be something that will be developed much more as I work on this world more.
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