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Katrina's climb to the summit. Written for the 300 word flash fiction challenge
Katrina knew she could not fail again. She was in a desperate struggle for survival. On she climbed. As her goal came into sight, she felt a hand grasp her ankle. She glanced downward. It was Michael, one year her junior, and her biggest rival. She felt his grip tighten. She dug her hands into the snow and used her free foot to kick his hand. As she connected, Michael wailed, in both surprise and pain. Still, he held on. Her next kick also found its mark. She felt the pressure release, and then he was gone. She did not look to see how far he might have fallen. She didn’t care. She was focused.

She took a deep breath to regain her composure and began to ascend. It was then, that she realized that somehow Michael had taken her left boot with him. This could prove to be devastating. Her wool sock would become wet and frostbite might soon follow. She refused to let that stop her. Her goal was in reach, and frankly, there were no other options. Katrina pressed on.

Suddenly, something hit her face. She felt a sting on her cheek, just below her eye. Her eye immediately teared up and she brushed off her face. Even though her vision was cloudy, she could make out a body scrambling to her right. She wasn’t sure who it was, but she knew, if she was passed, her quest was over. Using all of her strength she reached out and grabbed a fistful of coat and pulled downward as she pulled herself up. She felt the body slide down. She reached up and realized she was at the summit. She pulled herself to her feet. Victory! Eight-year-old Katrina looked over the playground and roared, “I’m in charge here.”

300 words
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