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Butterfly living in a garden
Hi, I'm Poppy the butterfly, and I'm living my dream. I live in the most delightful garden you would ever want to see. I came from my cozy cocoon and can't wait to start pollinating all of these beautiful flowers. I want to go to the yellow lilies first and gather the pollen on my legs. Next, I wish to check out the tulips. Oh, they are gorgeous in their peppermint color. And look, there are some in a deep purple. It's so exciting to see so many flowers together. Over there is a yellow, a deep red, an orange and a pink rose. There perfume from them is wonderful, but I must try them all!

Dum, te, dum, so beautiful. Yes, I will have a little of this and a little of that. Whew, I think I might be getting woozy from all this pollen. Ha,ha, see me fly upside down. Watch me swirl all around. Yessirreee! So much fun, so many flowers, so little time.

Ooohh, there's the milkweed! I must check it. Yep, there are more butterflies here. They're  having as much fun as I am visiting these lovely flowers. Lets go and investigate.

My, look at all the baby worms.How colorful they are in their green and white stripes. They don't know they will become such beautiful butterflies. They are ravenous and eating all of the milkweed leaves. You go little ones!

Oh, here are some more cocoons. It won't be long before they come out and join the rest of us as butterflies. It will be fun when they come out. I'm going to join the other butterflies over at the silver bells.

Hmmm, look at that handsome boy in his blue, green and black wings. I'm going over to meet him.

Hey big boy, I'm poppy. What's your name. Bluegard. How nice. How would you like to join me for some pollen over there at the bugle flowers. There's plenty for all.

Man, that was wonderful. What a gentleman he was, and so handsome.

Oh dear, its time. I must get to the milkweed and lay my eggs. I can't wait for my little ones to wake up to this extraordinary garden!

Well, I guess it's adeaux, good bye, so long. I've had a wonderful time, but as with all butterflies, we don't live long. It's been swell.

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