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Rated: E · Short Story · Entertainment · #2008753
Profane profiteering perverts of peepshows.

      "Why do I care?" Satan flipped through a script.
      "It's the same story over and over.. can't you potheads think up
      something new?" Satan puffed on his Cuban cigar.
      The producer crawled on his potbelly up to Satan's oak desk.
      "Master. There are only five plot lines and you insist on making porn."
      His voice trembled ..

      Satan laughed like a lion~

                          "I want cub scouts and a naked butcher;
                          some chick with hot sexy junk.
                          Keep it simple and under a R rating..
                          Remember, the goal is to promote anarchy.
                          Show people for what they are."

      His minions groveled before him. 
      A life sized crucifixion hung behind Satan.
      "Hey! Get me off this!" Mel Gibson shouted and squirmed on the cross.+
      "You wanted to be a Christian Mel. Well, enjoy the ride." Satan laughed
      and put his cigar out on Mel's foot.

      "I'm staring in Expendables! That's your dog!" Mel yelped.
      "Alright." Satan replied and Mel fell down to Satan's cloven hooves.
      Mel frantically licked and kissed the hooves, "Thank you master!"
      "You see how easy I am? All you have to do is accept me and you'll
      have every dirty thing you want." Satan smirked, "Monkey boy."
      and patted Mel's head~ "Access to excesssss."

      Reflections: So passes the glories of this world.
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