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poem written as the sun set on rosarito, mexico

The sun is setting on the Pacific Ocean,
The glimmering possibilities
are laid to rest
fulfilled or not
and they float out with the current.
They set far off the coast of my reality.
The last luminescent rays of yellow
Pierce through this violently violet night.
Those fading rays also rise
Further from here,
on the Pacific Ocean.
My descending sun is their rising.
Rising into a world of waking possibilities
And hopes
And ambitions,
the sun will also set on them.
And just as I stand in awe
While the dreamers dream,
Wishers wish,
Prayers pray.
One will stand beyond me in awe
As his setting sun is my rising
And all his dreamers
Lie in in their beds
We will rise again
With our hopes
And ambitions.

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