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My first post: a small outline/narrative
It’s still the 21st century although only just…

The year is 2089 and the human race has done the unthinkable and plugged itself into the Internet. The majority of human interaction is done through Bodynovel. Bodynovel is a social networking area where billions of individuals can discuss all aspects of the information super-highway and their new cars, cats, clothes etc. General public users of bodynovel are called mortals and those that work for the Bodynovel Corporation are reffered to as immortals.

The Bodynovel Corporation owns fifteen percent of the world’s total wealth making them the most powerful corporate body. In over 50 years of service there has not been a single shred of controversy surrounding the Corporation not even when they began to install “The plug” into the human nervous system at birth (an invasive and dangerous procedure) but, the Corporation has one dirty little secret: Bodynovels’ fuel…

The source of Bodynovels’ fuel is whispered about in the deepest recesses of the information superhighway. There is a being composed of pure darkness that appears to those who have breached Bodynovels’ terms of use; if a mortal is found to be in an area that is strictly for immortals they are harvested for fuel or worse… They are overwritten. Both overwriting and harvesting are performed by one suspected internal program (the being of darkness) Netface…

Who is Netface? Why does he perform such monstrous tasks? Is he a program, a human or something much worse?

Maybe we shall find out?
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