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A longing and anticipation of reaching our heavenly home.
Of late I have been thinking about going home. I am not talking about a home here on this earth but of my heavenly home. I have read several stories about passing from this life to our eternal one. I have had a chance to witness a great Christian lady step from here to eternity. I saw a peace on her face which can not be bought on this earth. I have been a part of many funerals in my lifetime some have been harder than others. But what is it like to truly go home. Are we escorted by angels on the way from here to there? Are there moments of regret once we leave this life behind? I can only imagine what it would be like to take my first step into the heavenly realm. Will I see loved ones who have gone on before? Shall I see the two little ones which never made it into my arms of love?

I love the song “I can only imagine” my heart sings and soars while I listen to the words of this song. But I think all of these questions will not matter one bit when I look into the eyes of my Savior. All questions will be gone and a new understanding will come. Oh just to see him open His arms for me to run like a child and jump into them to be embraced by the one who loves me most. All of my self doubts will melts away. My fears simply vanish and a whole new way of thinking will take place.

But for the moment I am still here on earth. Dealing with emotions I am not sure I can even give a name to. There is a longing for something I have never held and hunger for something I have never tasted and a thirst for something which I cannot satisfy. Only when we step from here to eternity will it all make sense. Questions will be answered. But for now we wait and shall keep looking up and listening for the sound of the trumpet. Anticipating the entrance of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
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