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How we allow our environment and friends to mold us into a certain image.
We let others dictate who we are by their actions and words. We look at ourselves through their eyes. The need for us to meet others expectations for us are sometimes overwhelming and very frustrating as well. We need to try and look at ourselves through God’s eyes.  He sees us as heirs to the throne of grace.  We are kings’ kids and have every advantage he has to offer. Life can make us lose sight of that image of us. We long to know who we really are and what we were made to do. If we just look in God’s holy word we can easily get our focus back onto the right image of us.  Don’t let others put their cheap imitation of who you are supposed to be on you.  Cast off the paper doll look that society says we have to look like and act like.  Seek His guidance and direction and you will have your vision in perfect focus. His image of you is what really matters anyway.
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